Friday, November 29, 2013

Daily Oracle Card of the day

By: Ladean Snodgrass

11/27/13~Keep An Open Mind~

This card is being given to you as a message from the angels. You are wanting to connect with your soul mate, but you keep meeting people that you normally wouldn't be drawn to.

The angels are asking you to keep an open mind, because your soul mate may not be the type of person you typically are drawn to, and that's why you haven't found them yet.

Their is more to someone then their face or body, look deeper into their soul, and you will see the real person.

Your soul mate is looking for you as much as you are looking for them, so don't think they aren't out there, they are, you just need to open your eyes and heart, and feel their energy.

Notice conversations you have, notice how much a person makes you laugh, or makes you feel warm and cozy, like you've known them forever. Then ask the angels, Is this my soul mate? and wait for the answer.

...Blessings Ladean

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