Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water:

By: Lauren C Dole

As Pagans and Witches our belief in the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. All animals, plants, stones, emotions, inanimate objects, and energies are combinations of these elements. Everything has its own unique blend of the four elements in it: everything that has substance has earth in it; everything that has energy in it has fire; everything that flows or has feelings has water; and everything that involves sound, Music , voice has air in it.

We call upon the elements when we do magic, healing, completing a task or cooking or just a simple walk anything where we would like to have the elements close in perfect balance for a specified purpose. Inviting the energies of the elements to come and assist with the task at hand.

Working with the (elemental s.) though I am a fire Element I walk closely with all of them, but there are some that can only work with one or even two elements, generally, they like people who embody the best features of their element.

You may wish to check your corresponding birth chart (astrology) to find your prim element then establishing working relationships with that .element, but please try working with all four after you become more comfortable. Some elements may be hard to work with but keep trying!

………………………………….Pen Parker…

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