Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ghost Asylum Review

I found ghost asylum an interesting show.   The Tennessee wrath chasers in my opinion are a very capable paranormal research team.

They seem to use all of the current technology available to the field of paranormal research and investigation. They also seem to be a caring team in which they not only care about each other but their clients as well.

My only dislike and this is just my personal opinion, is the constant attempt at trying to trap an entity. However in episodes that I have seen in which they attempted to trap an entity it was with the intent of removing this good spirit from the place where it appeared to be trapped in and setting it free so that the spirit could rest in peace.

I find noble, but on the other hand I think they should not try to attempt to trap entities at all; for they never know for sure if they are trapping a good entity with good intentions or an entity with evil or harmful intentions or even possibly a demonic spirit.   Trapping a spirit with evil or harm full intention or demonic entity could prove disastrous for the team back at their headquarters where they examine the trap to see if it contains an entity.

Also demonic entities can fool you into believing they are good entities, so the team could be tricked into releasing a demonic entity out into the open instead of leaving it in a location where it could most likely only harm those who entered the location or are in close proximity of the location.

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