Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ghost Stalkers Review

.I find this show very interesting the fact that each of the investigators has had either death experience or near death experience which puts an interesting twist on the fact that they are now investigating the paranormal.

what one investigators says he saw while dead, reminds me of what the entrance to hell would look like.   This investigator is unsure of whether that is what he was seeing or not but it has fueled his desire to find out.

The only thing I disagree with the way this team conducts their investigations.   They go in solo. In my opinion you should always use the buddy system; because you never know what might happen. They also during their solo investigations appear to have no way of communicating with each other other than a visual check using one of their cameras that they place on location for the purpose of checking in with each other.  However this camera appears to not have any audio so the investigator could convey a message of distress or worry to his teammate in the control center.

Other than that I find their investigations thorough and interesting and the fact that they are always looking for gateways or portals connecting our world and the beyond its fascinating to me.

I commend their reasons for doing solo investigations; to ensure the evidence they collect is not contaminated by humans.

NOTE: Upon watching the 11-20-2014 episode I learned their "check in" camera does have audio.  Perhaps those times when it didn't something was interfering with their equipment.

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