Thursday, October 8, 2015

Personal Experience

Last night my Mom, dreamed of the day my Grandma passed away.

In the dream she saw Grandma laying in her hospital bed, and saw Grandma's parents, Grandma's Brother and his wife, and Grandpa, all around the bed.

I told Mom that even though it was all most 5 months later, they were showing you who was there to take Grandma home.

Mom said in the dream, Grandpa spoke to her.

He said: "We're taking her home." Then he said "You need to take care of your little Sister." He then also said "Take care of each other". My Mom told Grandpa that she and my Aunt don't always think alike on certain subjects, and Grandpa said "You will someday."

My belief is that Grandpa was showing my Mom who all was there on May 19th, 2015, to take my Grandma home, and that he used this opportunity to speak to my Mom here in the present about things. He also told her "Everything will be okay."

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