Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Grandma's Only Personal Experience

This event took place in March 2013

My Grandma had gone to bed, and my Mom & I were still up, watching TV. Around 1 am, my Grandma came out of her bedroom, to the living room and said "are they gone yet".

My Mom and I looked at each other, then at her and said "is who gone?"

Grandma looked at my Mom with that "duh" look on her face & said "the two men who came out of your bedroom."

Apparently laying in the dark, in bed, my Grandma saw two men walk out of my Mom's bedroom, and walk to her bedroom and stand in the doorway and look at her.

Now my Grandma wasn't afraid of many things, and if she was ever afraid she never showed it; not even when her first husband was beating the tar outta her. But this, this scared her so badly that she hid under her blankets like a little child.

Well after assuring her, there were no men in the house, we finally got her back into bed, myself promising her that I would not let anyone hurt her (now that she has passed, I deeply regret that I did not sit in her bedroom with her, at least until she fell back to sleep, cause it was clear she was scared.).

Once she was back in bed, my Mom and I, still in the living room, began talking about what had just happened. While discussing it, we clearly heard a female voice, coming from back by the bedrooms (and no it was not my Grandma speaking). No we could not make out what was being said, but, by the tone of the voice, who ever this woman was, she was giving someone hell.

Needless to say no one got much sleep that night.

Come morning my Mom, quickly contacted a relative who has been able to communicate with spirits, her whole life, and this relative said, the two men Grandma saw had come to take her home that night. They'd come to assure her that it was okay to let go, that she didn't have to worry, that my Mom & I would be taken care of. That they never dreamed they would scare her that badly.

What about the female voice my Mom & I heard? Well according to our relative, that was one of my Grandma's Grandmothers, and she was yelling at the two men who had come to take my Grandma "Home" that night. Why was she yelling at them you ask? Because instead of taking Grandma "home" they scared the life outta her.

So my Grandma was meant to die in March 2013, but because the spirits that had been sent to bring her "home" scared her, she lived until May 19, 2015.

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