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Demonology FAQ's

This article is from TAPS.Com

Article by: Keith Johnson

Q: Are Ouija boards really dangerous?

A: It is not the Ouija board itself which is dangerous. The potential danger stems from the fact that by using a Ouija board to communicate with spirits (or any similar divination device), an individual is opening up his or her free will, thereby leaving oneself vulnerable to an invading spirit presence. There are a great many examples of individuals successfully contacting what at first appear to be "nice" spirits through the use of o Ouija board...only to have these spirits turn on them once they have gained a foothold. Demons can be very adept at masquerading as departed loved ones, even going so far as to reveal hidden knowledge, which was supposedly known only to the deceased...and this hidden information will often eventually prove to be verifiable. However, once demonic spirits have gained someone's trust, they will then cleverly begin mixing lies with the truth, in an effort to confuse. Some individuals eventually become emotionally dependant upon these "spirit friends"...and a demonic presence will have no reservations about using a person's loneliness or emotional vulnerabilities to gain a stronger foothold. By the time it is too late, and a hostile entity has revealed it's true colors, the person who has unwittingly been communicating with these types of spirits will often find that they are much harder to get rid of, than they were to bring in. Also, under no circumstances should anyone ask a spirit to manifest itself (appear) to them through the use of a Ouija board...since a demonic spirit will consider this an open invitation to infiltrate that person's life!

Q: How true to life are the events portrayed in "The Exorcist"?

A: "The Exorcist", written by William Peter Blattey, is based upon an actual case of demonic possession, and the subsequent exorcism, of a fourteen-year-old boy, which took place in the U.S. in 1949. Some of the events are documented as having actually occurred, such as writing appearing on the boy's flesh, and his ability (while under possession) of speaking in foreign languages. In the actual case, the exorcism eventually proved successful, and the boy went on to live a normal, healthy life. None of the priests involved actually died as the result of the exorcism, or became possessed themselves, although one priest did suffer a broken nose. Some of the more bizarre phenomena portrayed in both the book and the movie never actually happened, such as the head spinning and the "spider walk". Some of the events portrayed in "The Exorcist", however, when taken in context, are actually supposed to be telepathically projected into the minds of certain characters.
One thing I should mention about "The Exorcist" which happens to be very true to life, is that these types of parasitic, hostile entities are often initially and inadvertently "invited" in to begin oppressing certain individuals, through the use of a Ouija board.

Q: What exactly are Demons?

A: In the Judeo/Christian belief, demons are "fallen angels" who conspired against the Heavenly Kingdom under the leadership of Satan, were defeated by the Archangel Michael and the holy angels, and were cast out of the Heavenly Realm...banished to roam the earth and the earthly heavens. Although we know very little about this terrible incident, it is assumed to have taken place long before recorded human history. Demons, like Satan and like their angelic counterparts, are inhuman spirit beings, never having been human...NOT the damned souls of evil humans.

Q: Are Demons the same as “Ghosts"?

A: Ultimately, no. Whereas a ghost is generally considered to be the disembodied spirit essence of a deceased person (or animal, in some cases), a demon was never physically alive, in the way in which we are familiar with life. Because demons are spirit beings, and sometimes function in similar ways - even sometimes intentionally masquerading as ghosts - they are often mistaken as being ghosts. However, there is actually quite a difference between the two, both in character and abilities.

Q: Can Demons materialize themselves as humans or animals?

A: Yes, although their ability to do so seems limited. Also, seemingly as a rule, even on the rare occasions where they manifest themselves in photographs, they are never "complete"...that is to say, either a body part is missing (eyes, legs, or the entire head, etc.), or they are disfigured in some noticeable way. Perhaps this is God's cosmic law at work, commanding that they must in some way display that they are not of human origin.

Q: Can demons actually possess dolls and statues?

A: Although demons do not technically "possess" inanimate objects such as dolls and statues, they will sometimes attach or link themselves to certain objects. Although there are a variety of reasons for this, the most obvious cause would be if a doll or a statue has been "personified," or given recognition as an object of profane worship, or used in a ceremonial practice in which demonic entities were invoked. (Two Scriptural references which specifically refer to this as the worship of idols are: 1) Revelation 9:20, and 2) 1 Corinthians 10:20.) Incidentally, demonic attachments to inanimate objects are not limited to dolls and statues. In fact, I once knew someone who, as a young boy of about five years old, picked up a glove which had been left in a cemetery...and a demonic entity instantly began harassing him! The vehicle in which screen idol Jimmy Dean was killed in is another example. Also, it almost goes without saying that the most common inanimate object to which a demonic entity will attach itself is the infamous Ouija board.

Another cause of demonic entities having attached themselves to inanimate objects such as dolls or statues, is if someone who was demon possessed or severely oppressed, has owned or venerated this particular object.
Of course, there is no reason to go through your house searching out every inanimate object which you've ever felt slightly unnerved about. However, if you do seriously feel there is something unnatural about an abject in your it a doll, statue, Ouija board or what have might just be a good idea to look up the history of this object, if possible. For information pertaining to the disposal of such an object, you may wish to contact a member of the clergy of your particular faith, or perhaps a reputable paranormal research organization.

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