Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ghost Hunting Tutorial: During The Hunt

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Now comes the time you've been waiting for with lights out, equipment running, and everyone on high alert! It is now time to carry out the hunt you have prepared for and put your gear to work. Most investigators might find it helpful to begin an investigation in prayer for protection against any souls which may be encountered which may have harmful intentions. This is an especially important part of conducting your investigation. Unless you are simply in it for a thrill, how can you ever expect to be of service in helping those who are haunted or in encouraging the souls who are doing the haunting to ever move on past their physical attachments if you yourself do not protect yourself to some degree so that you might be able to be of help and guidance to someone stuck behind. This is vital, be sure to read the Spiritual Caution page for more information about this.

During the hunt you may experience a number of phenomena. Your Geiger counters may measure bursts of radioactivity as may your EMF and infrared equipment. Keep in mind that when ghosts and other paranormal activity does occur, it is usually brief. If it is fixed, it likely has an environmental explanation.

If from your information gathering phase and interviews you have found consistencies, place more of your efforts on detecting that type of phenomena. For instance, if almost every eyewitness says they hear thumping or footsteps, then be sure to place more emphasis on your EVP audio gear. Always be sure to seek any natural explanations as soon as possible. For example, if a loud bang is heard, then immediately use your walkie talkies to ask around and be clear that none of the crew may have been responsible for the sound, or that none of the crew had seen something in the local environment that may have caused it at the time. It is important to clearly record these things as closely to their occurrences as possible. Otherwise if you wait until after the investigation, people's memories may not be as reliable as to the exact order of how things happened. The same goes for all other gear such as infrared cameras. If you see a warm spot or an outline of a person or a body part on an object, make sure no one from the crew recently leaned on the object or could be responsible for the occurrence.

Once you have concluded your investigation, it would be advisable to again end with a prayer and attempt to cleanse the location of any harmful intentions. If someone is being haunted, tell the haunting souls that they need to stop. Use a priest and bring love and kindness into the environment if anything negative or evil has been haunting the location. Although it may seem like a bit of an abstract idea, darkness cannot exist where there is light. If you fill an environment with loving thoughts and feelings, anything destructive, hateful, and dark will naturally want to leave as the light will expose and illuminate everything it is trying to hide. Light and darkness is not intended literally here, but abstractly in an attempt to demonstrate this point. Any evil and negativity is naturally repelled by love and positivity, as it is the opposing force and also the dominant one. Darkness cannot make a light dark, but a single light can illuminate all that is dark. So which of the two do you think is greater? Be sure to bring light to the environment, otherwise you have helped no one and only encouraged that which is evil and destructive in nature. You don't want to be on that side of the coin, as once it has isolated and destroyed others, there is no one left to destroy but itself. Be a light on your investigation.

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