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Investigation 1. Fond du Lac Conservation Center A.K.A School Farm

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Date: Spring 2008
Team Members:
  • Branden Kennedy
  • Corbet Franzen
  • Mike Toshner
  • Dani Marquard
  • Mike Grahl
Location: Highway 23 near Rosendale, WI
Equipment used:
  • Digital Camera
  • Video Camera
  • Digital Voice Recorder

Results: This is actually our second investigation of this location, the audio of the first was interrupted constantly by wind, as a thunderstorm whipped up in the middle of our investigation. So we went back the following week to conduct another investigation.
The personal experiences throughout the night were astounding. Nearly everyone experienced something. Mike Grahl experienced a pain in his chest that he could not explain. Mike Toshner and Dani both heard stone being moved around as if being piled on top of each other. And Corbet took a picture of what could possibly have been "ecto-mist." Also, while near the grave of a young girl, Dani heard the laugh of a girl in her ear.
Photos taken here had some orbs in them, and possibly ecto-mist, nothing turned up on video, but the voice recorder was the most surprising. Two crystal clear voices unlike any of the team members appeared on the recordings. One while Mike Toshner was doing an EVP session, a voice responded to him asking "is anyone here?" The voice replied "thanks for coming over here." The second voice was recorded by Branden on accident.
The recorder was on while the team was discussing what they would do next and a loud female voice was recorded saying "Don't toy with me!" or "Don't go away!" the voice sounded distraught and was much louder than any of the recorded voices of the team members.
Verdict: Judging by both personal experiences and evidence taken, we believe the School Farm Cemetery to be Haunted.

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