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Spiritual Caution for Ghost Hunters

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Searching for ghosts can be a very thrilling experience both physically and intellectually from the standpoint of being able to provide actual evidence of ghosts and other intelligent energy forms. For most researchers, capturing a photograph of a formed apparition in a haunted location, and having those afflicted by the spirit successfully pick it out in a line-up of other ghost photos is solid proof that life exists beyond this physical realm. This can lead to the building of faith in other areas of life, especially religiously and spiritually. However, there are some major concerns you should be aware of before you make the decision to actively hunt ghosts yourself, join a ghost hunting organization, or go to one of the many now commercial ghost tours.

First, as we covered in our Ghost Hunting Tutorial, most ghosts are believed to be still attached to a physical life either because of strong addictions, strong attachments to material possessions and experiences, or as the result of a sudden trauma that took their life, or because of unfinished business that they can't seem to let go of. It is important to note that it is very likely that these souls are the ones most in need of prayer and love. If they knew that love the most either as a concept, or formally as God as we taught religiously, and those souls desired it more than anything else, they would likely have already left the material life they knew and find themselves in the appropriate, related experience which they have built up in their belief system and expected. In other words, most of the souls that are still "trapped" or "drawn" to the Earth and to their physical lives after they have passed, most likely are not yet completely aware of or desire God, love, and all related concepts and truths that apply. Even if they were aware of these things, they are still being held back by something. What this means is that these souls either need help through encouraging prayer, thoughts, and feelings to move forward and let go of the physical life they once knew, or it means they are still sticking around by choice because they refuse to let go of things held in their heart such as anger, terrible sins, addictions, etc.. Oftentimes these souls will haunt and attempt to bring others down. Possession and oppression are real concepts if you believe in them and if you are not spiritually strong and secure you may put yourself in a position in which intentionally negative or evil souls may try and bring you down with them.

It is likely that souls which have chosen a path of destruction, negativity, harm, or evil as we might call it will be drawn to those who are vulnerable in similar ways that they were. These could be people with similar tendencies towards addiction, anger, hatefulness, and much worse. If you are spiritually strong and secure, those who are negative will naturally be repelled by your presence. This is why it is important to bring a priest and other spiritually significant and symbolic items that are believed to repel evil spirits along with you. The items themselves can do nothing, but it is the belief in them that makes them effective. For example, a cross is nothing more than two sticks crossed one over the other, but it is the belief and the meaning that society and our consciousness as a whole as attributed to them which makes them effective. If you doubt your spiritual strength, or the idea of these things causes you to be fearful, then you probably shouldn't engage in it. Ghost hunting is a very mental and spiritually intense activity, which can open doors to your own sinful tendencies unless you are already spiritually strong enough to repel all negativity and evil you might face. Most haunting souls are just lost, others can be extremely dangerous, so you need to use caution each time you place yourself in the middle of a hunt.

The ultimate intention and goal of ghost hunting should not be to communicate with lost souls for guidance. Remember, these are souls that are still drawn here and not into an experience of spiritual love for a reason. Oftentimes they are not individuals that you would want to be seeking your own guidance from. That is best done in solitude through meditation and prayer, between yourself and God (assuming you believe in God in one form or another). Your goal in ghost hunting should be to provide proof to those who are afflicted just as any critically-thinking investigator would, to help any lost souls let go of physicality and move forward, to cast out any negative or evil forces that may be haunting people with harmful intentions, and to bring love, hope, and resolution to all those involved, whether living or passed on. Ghost hunting is not for the spiritually weak, and not for people seeking spiritual guidance. If that is your intention, it would be best to look elsewhere for it as it will likely bring about things that are more destructive rather than constructive in your own spiritual walk.

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