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Electromagnetic Fields - Your Health and the Paranormal

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Electromagnetic fields can be man-made or natural in their source. Many paranormal investigators believe EMF fields can help determine the presence of spirits, or ghosts.

Electromagnetic fields (known as EMF) are areas of energy that can be measurable by meters known as EMF meters. Where do electromagnetic fields come from? Predominantly electromagnetic fields come from high energy sources such as power lines, kinetic energy sources and nature (the Sun for example). There are other natural sources of EMF fields from limestone and quartz, which hold energy that is charged to it via many venues. You will also find lesser strength EMF fields in common household items such as microwaves (ever wonder why people with pacemakers can’t be near a working microwave? Electromagnetic Fields are why), the clock on your stove (check that with an EMF meter sometime) alarm clocks, refrigerators and other similar household appliances. You may also find that you have poor wiring in your home emitting a high EMF field.

So what is the big deal about an electromagnetic field? Remember the big cancer cluster lawsuits in the 70’s, 80’s and later? People living near power large transmission power lines seemed to have a higher than average rate of cancer. It was determined in some cases that the extremely high magnetic fields emitted by these power lines were the source of these health issues. How would an electromagnetic field affect you in an everyday situation in your home? Many people have a natural sensitivity to high levels of EMF. You can get headaches, nausea, excessive sleepiness, and even have hallucinations.

In more recent years, electromagnetic fields (EMF) and the meters that detect them have become more of a household word since the paranormal television craze has started. You see almost every paranormal investigator using electromagnetic field detectors to help determine if a place is haunted. The theory is that spirits are comprised of energy, and when the electromagnetic field detector starts to go off, a spirit may be near. However, this theory as a base leaves several holes in the collection of evidence. Many investigators do not know how to truly use an EMF meter (the planes the EMF meter can read , the axis to use, etc) and when an electromagnetic field is in fact detected, much care and caution must be exercised to determine the source of the field before calling it paranormal in nature.

You may find that the area you are investigating is rife with limestone and quartz deposits reflecting natural energy back to you, you may find underground power lines emitting higher than usual energy levels, or you may determine that a man-made object is causing the electromagnetic field.

What do the different levels mean? Handheld meters can read electromagnetic fields from .01 Milligauss (Mg)upwards of 999 Milligauss (Mg). To the homeowner, anything below 30 is probably not much of an issue. Above 30 Mg, people with electromagnetic field susceptibility may start having headaches, delusions, and sleepiness, all of the previously mentioned symptoms (or any one of them, and others not mentioned in this article). To the paranormal investigator, anything from .03 to 4.0 is interesting, in which this range is believed to be the range a spirit can manifest itself. Anything above 4.0 Mg is almost always a natural or man-made source that can be determined with a little bit of debunking and education. Electromagnetic field meters can be purchased for as little as $25 upwards to over $300, depending on what levels you’re trying to detect, and what other features you may need.

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