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Why people are interested in paranormal phenomena

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The question of why people are interested in paranormal phenomena can be answered in two ways. Some are interested because of the adrenalin rush they get when something “out of the ordinary” happens and they catch it on electronic devices such as a digital camera or on a digital voice recorder . Others are history fanatics who want answers to questions about events that happened in the past.

Concerning the first, in the city of Erie, Pennsylvania there are several locations that are considered extremely haunted. One of these places (the second most haunted place in Erie) is the building located at 145 West 11th Street. The building has had paranormal activity for years including voices, objects moving by themselves lights turning on and off as well as property destruction. As a paranormal investigator I found that the spirits in the building, especially one named Tina, were active both when the building when it was closed as well and when shows were being run in the venue. The thrills came when voices were caught on tape as well as apparitions caught on video and in pictures. The stories were adapted but based on the spirits in book form as well as a play.

The second are those interested in learning about spirits from history. The best site for these investigations are cemeteries, old building and battle fields. People interested in this area of the paranormal use basically the same equipment as those looking for a thrill…digital cameras, video cameras and voice recorders to collect evidence of a haunting. Battle fields such as the civil war battle field Gettysburg, which is well known as an extremely haunted site. Claims have been reported of soldiers wandering throughout the area wearing Union uniforms as having bandages covering head wounds. This site is so well known for its paranormal phenomena that it has been featured on several documentaries including one on the Travel Channel.

The biggest influence in the popularity of the paranormal comes from TV shows such as Syfy’s Ghost Hunters and A&E’s Paranormal State where the shows take the viewers on investigation. Often they do show videos and play sound recordings as well as showing how the investigations are done and what happens to the investigators while they are on site.

Many towns now are doing what they can not only to accept their paranormal being but also to help increase awareness by actually holding “ghost walks” where they pick a site like a cemetery and tour the site after the sun goes down. Often times these walks last for hours and many, many spirits are recorded, photographed and videotaped.

With all of the positive media, as well as local groups organizing across the world, paranormal phenomena will continue to grow as people learn not to fear the paranormal and have fun trying to find if the stories and legends are true.

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