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Investigation 9. Esterbrook Cemetary

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Date: May 9th 2009
Team Members:
  • Branden Kennedy
  • Corbet Franzen
  • Mike Grahl
  • Dani Marquard
  • Mike Toshner

Location: Fond du lac, Wisconsin
Equipment used:
  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Voice Recorder

Time Arrived: 01:30 a.m
Time Departed 03:00 a.m
Results: This investigation was a bit different than anything we'd ever done before. We went there in an attempt to make contact with a departed family member of a team member, not to prove weather or not the location was haunted. No verdict can be reached from an investigation of this sort as to weather or not Esterbrook Cemetery is haunted or not because that was not the purpose of the investigation.
But for all investigative purposes I'd call it a success based on personal experiences alone. Having 2 teams in different areas, we both heard sounds/voices that coincided with the others. Also Nick and myself (Branden) were able to see what we believe to be Shadow People on two different occasions, but in the same area (though, it could have been a shadow from a living source, and shouldn't be credited fully). The voices consisted of wailing cries varying in length from a short sob to a full on wail lasting for about 2-3 seconds. All of the investigators heard these periodically throughout the night. The only way to disprove this as something paranormal is to say that it was an animal, because one investigator reported hearing an owl earlier in the night. The grand finale happened right as we were leaving, when I distinctly heard a female voice from my left say the name "Danielle." No one else heard this, and the recorder was off.
But, as I stated before I would call our investigation a success. The team member who suggested we go here was happy with the way the investigation went, and we enjoyed ourselves during the experience, so that’s really all that matters.
Video evidence has yet to be gone over and results will be posted soon.

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