Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Lauren C. Dole

SPIRIT COMMUNICATION :..So how is it done.....I can only tell you how I do it... (as many have asked this question of me today)....I was born with the ability to see and communicate with spirits.... I thought everyone was like me...I am my teams spirit communicator and crosser...so earth bound spirits:.. when I walk into a place I can sense if a spirit is there... soon they appear to me...The "tal k" to me telepathically not so much in words as they are few but images...from that I can get a lot of info, their name..their life.if they are only back visiting... or have stayed.. or if they are not even knowing they have died..or ..how they died etc... it is a download of information ...than I help them the best I can...Spirits in the afterlife:...All I need is a name or photo or even looking at your photo I can connect with your loved one..than I "see" in my mind that person... they show me things, what they look like in the afterlife/Heaven...if they are happy, who is surrounding them, if they died and crossed peacefully, if they visit loved ones and what signs they give... any messages, etc... it is a visual and telepathic download... I can ONLY give what the spirit gives me... so many want specifics...I can only tell you what I am shown and given....it is not an extensive detailed "Visit" with them ...and sometimes I get nothing at all I cant connect with them... I am not considered psychic ...I am a spirit communicator among other lovely abilities...lol...so if you need what I can offer ...I offer it freely to all... If I can communicate with your loved one I absolutely will try my best....so thats how it is for me.... I'd like to hear how others communicate with spirits.;

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