Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Lauren C. Dole

WHAT SPIRITS HAVE TOLD ME:.... Communicating and seeing spirits since toddler days I can tell you a bit about what I have found out....Spirits talk little..... Most communication is telepathically and a download of images from their life... through that I can put together a puzzle of them... when they died, how they died,why are they here, what do they want. etc... Almost ALL spirits "said" they crossed over at the moment of death holding the hand of a parent...who has come for them...and some said they were crossed over by an Angel... 98% of our loved ones cross over no problems... the actual percentage of those "trapped" is 1%.( mostly cause they died fast and do not realize they have died)..ALL said the afterlife was pure light, pure love and warmth...that they saw relatives, felt no more pain or suffering, ALL said the afterlife is not like Grand central station with millions of spirits crammed in together in one big mass... lol..they describe being in a "home" with their loved ones but can venture where ever they please... it seems the afterlife is whatever you wanted it to be... peaceful and quiet country side if you like just with loved ones and family.....Not one spirit has ever mentioned meeting George Washington... Or Picasso...etc... it seems they stay with family mostly.....o.k. and this is quite disturbing to me myself..... Not one has said they saw God....a white light yes, unconditional love, yes, warmth yup.... now is this God... Maybe God is not a recognizable image for us....or maybe they cannot describe God to me when ask.. Many dont even answer that question at all.....like I said they talk little... so there you have it.... yes there is an afterlife... yes we see all our loved ones and family...yes we are at peace , no more pain etc..Yes it is beautiful just like we thought . and it seems we are all about 30..lol... sounds good to me.:)))))

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