Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brumder Mansion

This case report comes from Wisconsin Paranormal

  • Location: Sturgeon Bay, WI
  • Date: 01.29.2010
  • Time: 21:50:00 – 01:39:10
  • Weather: (outdoors) 9ºF (indoors) 72ºF
  • Investigation Type: Residential / Indoor
  • Investigators: Jay, Allen, Jackie, Katie E.
  • Classification: Confidential

Details: WPI was called on January 19, 2010 by client who was very concerned about what was happening in the place of residence. We were asked to investigate as soon as possible. Client was looking for some kind of validation for the unexplained things that was being experienced.

Claims: A black mist shadow (referred to as the shadow man) pushed client up the stairs and utters deep whispers throughout the residence. The shadow moves up and down the stairs. Also the shadow resembles a dog, but without any eyes, nose or mouth. Client gets nudged/poked on the back, right side of the waist. The friend of client also saw the shadow mass. Faulty electronics and the kitchen sinks water coming out scalding hot.

Findings: WPI did have a couple personal experiences that remain questionable, still, we did not capture any paranormal evidence in our photos, DVR cameras, roaming HD camera or Digital Voice Recorders. The personal experiences were not good enough evidence to use in the report.

Conclusion: WPI feels that with the lack of data gathered, this residence is hard to validate any claims of paranormal activity. WPI has scheduled a follow up investigation in March ’10 to investigate longer hours.


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