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Summerwind Mansion - Part 2

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April 19, 1:06 PM by Kathie Kessler

Summerwind – Part 2

After learning her father was buying Summerwind as a business venture, Ginger finally broke down and told him the experiences she and her family had while they lived there. Her father, Raymond Bober, didn't believe in such nonsense and went ahead with his plans.

It wasn't long before the same strange phenomenon began to happen all over again. Contractors would draw up blueprints, only to find the rooms dimensions would differ from one day to another. Even photographs taken within seconds of each other would show the rooms to look different, again some even showing furniture that had long been removed. Workman's tools would go missing, they would hear voices and some refused to work there at all.

After Raymond Bober experienced some of the same supernatural occurrences, along with a number of other conventional problems, he let the property once again revert back to Mrs. Keefer in 1979, who sold the ruins of the house and property in the 80's to come investors, until it was purchased by a Canadian family who also reported the same haunting events. In June of 1988 Summerwind was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. Only the foundation, chimneys and steps remained.

What was the cause of the haunting? According to Mr. Bober, who published the book “The Carver Effect” the person haunting the property was Johnathan Carver, an American explorer who died in 1780. He said he was “contacted” by Carver who said he had been given the land as a gift after settling a dispute between two fighting Sioux Indian tribes that almost lead to war. The deed was supposedly buried somewhere on the property or in the foundation of Summerwind. Apparently he would haunt anyone who lived there until the deed was found.

No deed has ever been found. In 1983, Herb Dickman one of the original workers who laid the foundation for Summerwind in 1916 was contacted and said he remembered no objects being placed in the foundation.

In November of 2005, the Discovery Channel did “A Haunting” episode on Summerwind Mansion. You can also read the rest of the story in “The Carver Effect” written in 1979 by Raymond Bober under the pseudonym Wolffgang Von Bober.

You can view photographs of Summerwind at their website promoting “The Carver Effect” book.

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