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Protecting yourself from paranormal predators

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August 22, 2:20 PM by Cheri Esperon

It is sad to report that paranormal investigators are causing harm to each other. In this field we need to worry about protecting ourselves from evil spirits, crazy clients, and the possible bad person lurking in an old building. It is unfortunate but now ghost hunters have a new threat to worry about, each other. Con artists, thieves, and bullies have entered the paranormal field to prey on those who have open hearts and minds. How do we protect ourselves from these bullies and criminals? By using the common sense, problem solving skills and logic we use nightly in our ghost hunts. Here are a few tips, some learned the hard way:

  1. Always pay by credit card for any events. Most credit card companies offer fraud protection. If yours doesn’t and you aren’t in the position to switch companies, get a paypal account, they offer buyer protection.
  2. Make sure you have insurance on all your gear. Contact your homeowners or renter’s insurance company. In most cases the cost of a special policy to cover your gear will be less than $50 a year.
  3. Protect yourself and your equipment. Never leave it unattended, always make sure there are enough team members at an event to guard your gear.
  4. Place permanent marks on all your equipment. Use an engraving pen or other means to permanently mark your equipment. Keep a list of all serial numbers, along with photographs, accurate descriptions and receipts if you have them. This will help to identify and recover your property.
  5. Invest in a locking system. If you have gear stored somewhere, lock it like you would your bike. This won’t eliminate the possibility of theft, but will at least slow them down. If you gear bag is locked to your table at a convention, they won’t be able to quickly and quietly slip off with it.
  6. Do your research. Check out sites like Rip Off Report or ask your social networking friends, or just do some Googling. Then use your analytical skills to determine what are valid complaints and what are the result of sour grapes or pettiness.
  7. Stay under the radar, let your good actions speak for themselves. If you start picking paranormal fights, you can be assured someone bigger, better and meaner may jump on you. If you do find yourself the victim of this pettiness, don’t fuel the fire. Let it slip away. These bullies get bored quickly if they can’t engage you in a pissing contest and will soon be off on the search of new victims.

Enter into a paranormal relationship like you would any other relationship. Always give respect freely, but let trust be earned. Go with your gut instincts. Remember that your first priority is always the safety and well-being of your team. Be honest, explain to potential paranormal friends that you are gun-shy because of recent events and although you doubt they would harm you, you just need to protect yourself. If they have pure intentions, they will appreciate your candor and respect your decisions.

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