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Ghost Hunters Return to Investigate The Brumder

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July 22, 1:29 AM by Cheri Esperon

Brumder Mansion

The Ghost Hunters of Northern Alliance of Paranormal Investigators have been asked to return to the Brumder Mansion Bed and Breakfast in Milwaukee for a second investigation. Owners of the Brumder Mansion, Tom and Julie Carr invited Northern Alliance of Paranormal Investigators in to help prove or disprove the urban legends and past tales of hauntings surrounding the historic mansion. Built in 1910 by publisher George Brumder, the Victorian mansion boasts a colorful history. It has served many purposes; boarding house, parsonage, Lutheran youth-group coffee house/ music venue and even a hideaway for supposed prohibition-era mobster, Sam Picks. Today the mansion is an elegant bed and breakfast, and is filled with antiques, photos and historic costumes- any of which may be the cause for the paranormal activity within.

Northern Alliance of Paranormal Investigators first investigated the property in May of 2009. EVP’s of ghostly voices were captured on audio as well as the sounds of a phantom string instrument and a whistle. Electronic Voice Phenomenon, or EVP’s, is recordings of audio that were not detected during the recording episode, and for which there are no rational explanations. In addition to the EVP’s, two different investigators felt a gentle touch. While the evidence obtained at the first investigation of Brumder Mansion does suggest the location may indeed be haunted, there has been nothing captured or experienced that would suggest that there is anything to fear at the Brumder. Instead it appears that any spirits residing at the mansion are friendly and playful in nature. Audio captured during the investigation may be heard at Those interested in visiting the Brumder Mansion should visit Brumder Mansion

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