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Child Attachments

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Lucy May from Circling Light Inc. & Circling Light Blog believes that children under the age of 15 are protected by the energetic connections of their parents and guardians. But this does not mean that they could not develop an attachment before the age of 15.

But energy field of children under the age of 15 is still connected to the auric field of their parents; which is the reason why parents can often tell when something is wrong with their child, even if there are no obvious signs of something being wrong.

Lucy recommends that if you believe that a spirit could be attached to your child that you should look at yourself and your living environment for clues.

  1. Are you having unusual or paranormal experiences also?
  2. Is there an addiction in the family or friends who visit, who bring their personal problems into your home?

Look at your physical life first for problems that need to be resolved.

Many children are more sensitive to emotions than others are; often picking up tension that they sense around them.

  1. Do not hesitate to have your child looked at by a Physician.
  2. Be careful to cover all the bases.
  3. Do not hesitate to contact a psychic consultant for advice.
  4. Be careful to choose someone who knows the world of spirit well, and who specializes in this area.

Pinellas/Pasco/Paranormal from And from an article wrote by Pinellas/Pasco/Paranormal, located on &, writes about a boy who developed a spirit attachment at the age of 3.

(Please note that as of September 7th, 2009 the boy was now 14 years of age. And at this time has a younger brother who is 4 years of age.)

The Parent felt the spirit displayed itself as a 7 year old child.

The parent believed the spirit meant no harm, and only wanted to protect her son. She believes the spirit followed them from their old home, to their new home in Florida.

The youngest boy was thrown down the stairs by an unseen force.

The family is now suffering from bad paranormal experiences, where before the activity was only mischievous.

Pinellas/Pasco/Paranormal goes on to write that people do not always realize that spirit attachments, especially to children, is not usually a good thing. In the case of the boy mentioned above, the spirit started out as protective and playful, and turned into something dark.

A spirit can display itself at any age from its life that it chooses to appear in. So a spirit that appears as a child may not be a child.

Pinellas/Pasco/Paranormal states that there are some good spirits out there that truly do mean no harm, and only wish to help or protect. But usually anything that attaches itself to someone, especially a child, is most likely not one of these kind hearted spirits.

April 05th, 2011 episode of Attached on Jenny’s guest on this episode of Attached was Sharon Kincaid.

Jenny believes that everyone has some form of psychic ability (i.e. Intuition), not that everyone is a psychic, but just that everyone has some form of this gift.

She also believes that paranormal investigators are more prone to get spirit attachments.

A lot of times a child is labeled as being schizophrenic or having multiple personalities, Bipolar, or even ADHD, or other such illnesses and placed on medication, and the truth is that there is nothing mentally wrong with the child; but that the child has a spirit attached to him/her.

Yes, paranormal investigators could be more prone to spirit attachments, due to going into places that are known to be haunted or rumored to be haunted. But Sharon points out, someone who isn’t a paranormal investigator, or even if you are one, could just as easily pick up an attachment at the grocery store. A spirit can attach itself to anyone, anywhere!

Jenny Stewart said during the show that she believes it is very possible that some of the “behavior issues” that some children have, could be the result of a spirit being attached to that child. A sweet, loving, happy child, can literally in a heart beat change to mean, disrespectful child. Most people are quick to label this change as being “rebellious”; but there is a strong possibility that this behavior change could be caused by a spirit that has attached itself to the child.

Or that even a child who only on occasions, has bouts of “bad” behavior. I say occasions, because sometimes if there is a spirit attached to a child, that child’s behavior doesn’t completely change, but only changes once in awhile.

Another reason for these “outbursts” (occasional behavior changes) could be that the child has some sort of ‘gift’, whether it be; psychic, empathic, healing, etc., and the child does not know what causes the emotions that go along with these gifts or how to handle them or control the gifts. (Please note that she is not stating that all behavior problems in every child, is caused by a spirit attachment, just that she believes some behavior problems could possibly be the result of a spirit that has attached itself to a child.)

Some tips for a parent whose child is showing occasional behavior changes, would be:

  1. Have you as the parent noticed that these behavior changes happen after the child has expressed about something new being in the house.
  2. Start writing down, when your child mentions this and their behavior changes. Keep notes on what’s new, what day, what time, the weather, the moon phase, etc.

There is even the possibility that if a paranormal investigator goes to investigations, while pregnant, that a spirit could attach itself to the unborn child, which then could result in birth defects.
(Please note that this is not the cause of all birth defects, that this is just a possible cause at some. As with anything involving the paranormal, nothing is known for 100% fact.)

PsychicPrincess reported in her article about Spirits and Attachments on,that:

Children are the most vulnerable for spirit attachments. They are more vulnerable than adults.

One obvious reason why children are more vulnerable is their energetic system does not have the stamina that an adult’s energetic system would have. The second reason would be that children are not as able to rationalize things like adults can.

Children can be easily terrified or psychologically traumatized by things such as an adult yelling them or a big, scary dog chasing them. Such events can cause a major collapse of the child’s energetic defense system, (which would only happen to an adult, after a major shock) leaving the child open to attachments, by one or more spirits.

Children have also been known to invite a spirit to attach itself to them, to keep the child company or to act as a protector. To adults, this could appear as the child playing with or talking to an imaginary friend. (Please note, that this does not mean that all children playing with or talking to an imaginary friend, has invited a spirit to attach itself to them.)

In such cases as the ‘imaginary friend’ it could be years before it is realized that there is a problem.

Please note that the opinions expressed in this article, are not being stated as 100% fact. They are simply the opinions of the people who wrote the individual articles; and I am simply passing the information on to you.

I believe that some (not all) people that have been diagnosed with certain mental disorders, like schizophrenic (in which you heard voices in your head.), may not actually have any such medical condition, but in actuality have a spirit attached to them, which is causing the child, or adult for that matter, to hear voices in their head, or for their behavior to change completely or change only occasionally.

Again, I’m not saying that every single child or adult that has been diagnosed with a mental disorder like schizophrenic, actually has a spirit attached to them instead of really having a medical condition. But I am saying, it could be possible. I mean being miss diagnosed by a doctor can (and has) happen(ed) no matter what the problem is.

And if that problem would happen to be caused by a spirit, which involves a field that we are just now really starting to explore, but yet know so little about; I’m sure if I were a doctor, who had a patient who was hearing voices in their head, who whose behavior had totally changed or changes only once in awhile…I probably would lean towards a mental disorder too.

If you believe that you, your child, or someone you know, might have a spirit attachment I would highly recommend that you contact Jenny Stewart.

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