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Article by: by Richard L. Smith,

What do you do when a lost spirit asks you for help ?

In my earlier days of discovery while working with Electronics Voice Phenomena, I was horrified to find after returning to my home to sort out the various spirit messages, that I would occasionally find a pathetic voice pleading " help me....please help me." In the worst scenario, they would tug at my heartstrings by actually using my name..."Richard, help me, Richard " That was, and still is a distressing part of the EVP experience, and quickly I came to realize that it would be best to prepare some kind of method ( however inadequate it may sometimes seem) to deal with these spirits who call upon me for help.

The obvious difficulty here is that by EVP methods alone we cannot hear the spirit request in real time, and thus cannot reply to them at the time when it seems most appropriate. My first realization was that I must arrange my EVP session communication in such a way as to inform spirits as to my limitations , so as to avoid giving any of them false hope or the impression that I might be there for the purpose of assisting them. My second realization was "Am I really qualified to give them help, and what kind of help would that be ?"

I've always been a firm believer in the premise that folks who delve into the spirit world should remain humble at all times. My mind reels as I ask myself.. "Am I worthy of this task"? And further as I consider my position....just a pathetic human bound to the Earth plane, encumbered with bill paying, ladder climbing, war mongering, pizza tasting, TV watching....and in the middle of it all, by some aberation, I find the time to pause my thoughts for long enough to seek an answer to the question "Who the hell am I, anyway ?" And now, I'm being asked to give spiritual assistance to a lost soul ...? I'm thinking I'd better make sure I do this right !

Methods of dealing with spirit contact seem to be as diverse as the persons who are themselves doing the contact...And understandably so, I believe, as we all are on our individual paths of gaining knowledge and wisdom to prepare us for our own eventual return to the spirit world. It would seem that Karma, (or the accumulated personal goals and objectives for strengthing and enlightening our own souls in this life) takes us all in many individual directions and thus taints the way we interpret the unfolding of events (human or spiritual ) on planet earth.

So....we are all different...granted. But by what criteria should I then present any plan of assistance to a spirit who has lost their way ?

While considering this, I am reminded of statements of psychics who have on many occasions assisted lost spirits to look for, and go into "the light", in order that they may begin their spiritual journey towards oneness with God. Unfortunately, I also have reason to believe, (as evidenced by my EVP communications and psychic experiences as well), that many of these souls do not then always make it to the higher spirit level at that time, as was intended ! Not all spirits are ready at just any time to move on in the spirit world, so I feel that this is not the wise method for me to use..

Nevertheless, I have had one single heart stopping event of this nature occur in my presence, as I , two other psychics, and another Paranormal Investigator inadvertently came across lost spirit members of a family in an old building in historic Galveston. The spirit request was made for assistance and all of the crew rallied with the best intentions of their own abilities to summon spiritual help to organize these lost spirits for ascending into the light. The entire episode was filmed by a camera crew and recorded on audio by my crews digital recorders. A monk and a spirit guide appeared to the psychics and spirits and spoke on digital EVP recorders as well. As the light appeared (only to the psychics), the spirits answered they could see the light and the monk, and then the monk was recorded as he said " Your divine light....pass over...."

Indeed, it appeared that the ordeal was a success, as the temperature dropped nearly twenty degrees, a breeze was felt by all as the beings moved into the light, and most impressive of all...a deathly silence overcame the whole room as we all strongly experienced a magical moment of reverie not of this earth. The recorders fell silent, the cameras were turned off by the crew, and everyone looked at each other in silent wonderment as we all felt something we could neither discuss nor describe.

I feel privileged to have been a part of this singular experience, but, I think it not possible to expect this to be the case very often at all.

In order to find an effective way of helping the lost spirit, we then must seek a more practical, everyday approach to the issue for EVP work, getting to the point and being brief but accurate. Lets start with the obvious-they are lost, but why ?

Some of the more likely possibilities are: (1)they were not taught much at all about the afterlife, (2)or they were mislead, (3)or possibly they are still traumatized by a frightful death experience (4)or experienced death at a young age and have unfinished business left on Earth. So it follows the solution is to inform them of who we are(earth-bound), and what they are (spirit), because there is every chance that they can't tell the difference and may not even have yet faced the reality of their own death.

Next, we must further tell them that universal law requires that they personally must instigate their own recovery from this interlude. Therefore it is they who must ask for divine spiritual (not earthly) assistance, and they must be prepared to resolve and permit closure to the pain, unfinished business, and regrets of their lives on earth.

They must be told that peace, love, and happiness awaits those who decide to help themselves. Again, we must be brief, but not misleading.

Here is a sample of one of the many ways that I try to bring this message to my EVP recording sessions. I usually make a statement such as this at the beginning of the session, and again about midway through if it is to be a long session.. This statement is made, of course, in addition to my usual introduction of myself and statement of my purpose for the session.( I might point out here that it is more likely to experience the outcries of the lost soul while in cemeteries.)

Suggested message for addressing lost spirits

"Today, as I seek communication with spirits who have passed from their lives on Earth, some of you may be drawn to my presence to ask for help or guidance. I want very much to help you, but must point out that I am but a mortal earth bound soul, and you are in spirit preparing for your further soul development. Spiritual law requires that you begin from within your own heart in the honest search for higher spiritual advancement and enlightenment. I assure you that seeking and asking for divine assistance will bring you peace and love of the highest order. You must be ready and willing for this to happen. There are many guiding spirits and divine entities who await your call..."

And there you have it. It's not perfect, but it's from an "unworthy and not so perfect entity..(me) " . And frankly, I'm humbled to even have the chance to be in the position to offer advice of any kind to a dead person....I hope I'm doing it right. Rich

Richard is a Paranormal (Chief) Investigator, author, webmaster, & EVP specialist, with

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