Monday, April 4, 2011

Solar Flares and Lunar Cycles

This case report comes from TAPS.COM

Article by: Steve Bartnicki

What does all this M class flare, storm, lunar cycle mean anyway? I am glad you asked....

Solar flare activity, geomagnetic field activity and the lunar cycle have been thought to have a bearing on the amount of paranormal activity present. To put it simply...more "ghost activity" is reported during times of M class/X class solar flares, high geomagnetic field activity and new/full moons. The moon relates in this fashion, the closer the moon is to the Earth and the "newer" or "fuller" it is...the higher the geomagnetic fields.

So what happens is the solar flares ionize the Earth's atmosphere (electrically charges it) and increased geomagnetic fields raise the magnetic flux which causes higher electrical charges in anything, capable of carrying an electrical current, that moves through the field (Lenz's Law).

There is a problem with more sensitive EMF detection equipment during this period...they can give erroneous positive readings. Not erroneous in regards as to whether or not there is a field present...erroneous in the fact that what might be thought to be a indication of something "out-of-the-ordinary", not expected for a given area, etc... really isn't so "out-of-ordinary" given the current atmospheric conditions. In other words, we should be aware of these conditions so that the readings can be carefully reviewed and examined. I would recommend using different types of meters, Gauss and Tri-field at all times, but especially during these conditions.

With that said...if you adhere to the belief that the spirit world is made up of beings that, in addition to being energy themselves, use the normal energy sources available to them, i.e.: household appliances, batteries, wiring etc to manifest their presence. Can you imagine what they can do with all this excess energy due to atmospheric conditions? It’s like hitting the Nitrous Oxide boost on a car!

Bottom line is if you see STORM conditions and a new or full moon it could explain why your long deceased relative just showed in your living room.

I hope this helps and if I can think of a better way to explain it...I will revisit this article. Better yet, if anyone can think of a better explanation please EMAIL ME.

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