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Types of hauntings

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May 13, 8:59 AM by Kathie Kessler

Studying the paranormal, one of the first things you learn (besides not to run away screaming like a little girl), are that there are several different types of hauntings.

The first and very common type is called a “Residual Haunting”. Think of this like a movie, or a tape player stuck on an endless loop, playing over and over. Sometimes the event only happens on a particular day, or at a specific time, and can be as mundane as seeing your long deceased Uncle walking to the kitchen to get his morning cup of coffee, to being as dramatic as watching a replay of a civil war battle. A residual haunting will have no interaction with living people and be seemingly unaware that you are even there.

There are several theories to how residual hauntings occur. One is that the event, either from it's constant regularity (like old Uncle Joe getting his coffee every morning), or from it's sudden, dramatic or tragic occurrence; such as a murder or suicide. It is thought that the energy from these events gets somehow trapped in the surrounding structures, be it the building or the land. One theory claims areas with high levels of limestone or quartz rock are perfect for storing these kinds of “place memories”. After all, quartz is used in transmitters for television, radio and radar.

The next type of haunting and probably more frightening for the people involved, is the “Intelligent Haunting”. In an intelligent haunt the ghost or spirit actually interacts with living people and objects. You see it and it sees you back. Your car keys may disappear and reappear in odd places. You may hear knocking sounds or voices, and your pets may react strangely for no reason.

As an investigator, intelligent hauntings are by far the ones we get the most evidence from, primarily through evps or electronic voice phenomenon. Using a digital or magnetic tape recorder, questions are asked in the hopes of hearing a response when the tape is reviewed. Often times, we don't get direct responses, but will get words and phrases during regular conversations between investigators. Many times the spirit or ghost has some unfinished business or just wants to be acknowledged. Once it gets it's message across, often the haunting will stop. But there are times, where they are just happy to be where they are and don't want to move on.

The third type of haunting is “Non Human”. This would cover an angelic visitation or a demonic haunting. Demonic hauntings have been characterized by violent activity, drastic mood changes by people in the home, scratches and foul smells to name a few. I have not experienced this type of haunting, and though I don't doubt they exist, I believe these to be the rarest of paranormal activity unless there have been satanic practices or beliefs that have allowed these entities in.

Poltergeists also fall under a “Non Human” haunting. Poltergeist is a German word which means “noisy ghost”. Poltergeist activity usually occurs around a certain individual and is characterized by movement of objects, loud noises and will happen frequently enough to interrupt ones daily life. This is also rare and is thought to be created through a living person even though they may not even be aware of it. A poltergeist is initiated by high levels of stress on a subconscious level, often explained as uncontrolled psycho kinetic activity or 'Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis' (RSPK). Some signs of Poltergeist activity are:

  • Hurling of objects, especially heavy objects
  • Stone throwing
  • Objects breaking
  • Bed shaking
  • Electrical interference

While again, this is very rare, one must rule out all other causes to any type pf haunting before jumping to the conclusion of ghosts and poltergeists. We must remember there are often logical explanations for many haunting claims, some of which are:

  • High Electronic Fields from unshielded or old wiring (see link regarding EMF)
  • Mold which can cause symptoms of illness and hallucinations
  • Narcotic Use
  • Gas Leaks
  • Mental Illness

While I am a believer, I am also an investigator and use scientific tools as well as logic and research to discount all possible natural causes before claiming activity to be supernatural.

While many people don't believe in ghosts or lingering spirits, there is proof that something exists beyond what we can see. To quote from Sherlock Holmes, “Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”.

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