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Can Dogs See Dead People?

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“I see dead people.” Uttered by actor Haley Joel Osment in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense, it has become one of the most famous lines in movie history. Although the film was based on a fictional story, we have all seen those people on television who claim they can see or communicate with the dead. Would it surprise you to learn that dogs may also possess that ability?

One of the oldest known paranormal beliefs is that dogs have the ability to see or communicate with the dead. It would be easy to believe that people have come to that conclusion based on a dog’s natural behavior. We’ve all seen dogs stand still and stare or react to something we were unable to see or hear. However, there may be much more to it then that.

Most of the pet people I have known had some sort of a weird dog story to tell. The most common involves the death of a beloved dog owner. The dog owner would die and it always seems like his or her pet would know about the event before anyone else. My mother often recounts the story of Grandpa Bill.

For the last few years of his life, Grandpa Bill languished from a terminal illness. When he wasn’t in the hospital, he stayed with us. It was during those stays that Bill became very close to an Irish Setter adopted by my mother. Rusty and Bill were inseparable. Whenever he sat in our back yard to get some sun during summer afternoons, Bill would play with her by throwing a ball for Rusty to catch or using her favorite old sock as a pull toy. Rusty slept at the foot of Bill’s bed and would start barking anytime he coughed or experienced shallow breathing.

During the final days of his life, Bill was back in the hospital. It was during that time that Rusty started acting strangely. She would pace back and forth in front of the bed in a spare room where Bill slept when he stayed at our home. She would circle the lawn chair he used to sit in when he played with her in the backyard. It was really eerie! However, stranger things were yet to come.

Although we knew he wasn’t going to live much longer, it came as a bit of a shock when Bill finally passed on. We thought that he would probably live another few months based on what the doctors said, but that wasn‘t to be. A nurse checked on him around three in the morning and found he had passed on. Around the same time and without explanation, Rusty awakened everyone in our household. She began to howl uncontrollably. Less then an hour later, we received the sad news of Bill’s passing by phone.

I was too young to remember most of what happened, but I do recall that my parents were freaked out by the whole event. My mother was a no nonsense kind of person who had no use for anything paranormal, yet she recounted this story several times to me in later years whenever the subject of strange animal behavior would come up. Anything but a storyteller, I always felt that she spoke of those events as a way of trying to understand them. I suppose we could just toss it all off to coincidence, but the odds do not seem to be with that considering how many other people have experienced similar events.

Most everyone who has ever lived in any kind of a suburban neighborhood has some sort of a story to tell about that one weird house that everyone would stay away from. In my case, it was about seven houses down from mine in a neighborhood on Long Island. All of the houses on our block had been built in the early 1950s. With slight exceptions of larger or smaller models, most of the homes looked like they belonged together. All except one. The weird house in our neighborhood had a dark wood exterior and was landscaped with small trees instead of bushes and hedges. It stood out and most of the neighbors were not amused.

If it’s a true saying that strange houses attract stranger people, you could prove it by the weird house on our block. From the moment they moved in, the first family to live in that house made no attempt to fit into the neighborhood. The parents and three children were weird. They hated to answer their door, had two dogs that were as mean as they were big and never kept up their property.

Within ten years of moving into the house, the family fell apart. After several biting incidents, the police took the dogs away. The older brother died of a drug overdose, the younger one stopped speaking, their sister always seemed to be taking on the role of mom, and dad as their parents seemed unable to cope with anything. After their father was hospitalized for alcoholism, mom gave up, sold the house and moved away to parts unknown.

Before anyone could move in, the house was given a major facelift. Gone was the excessive number of trees that had created a haunted mansion look. Gone was the nasty looking wood exterior that gave way to aluminum siding. The inside was gutted and replaced with lighter colors and modern appliances. By the time the new family moved in during the mid 1960s, it was like an entirely different house. However, some of the sorrow from the previous family may have been left behind.

The new family consisted of a couple, a boy and girl under ten, and a cute Yorkshire Terrier they called nappy (short for Napoleon). These people were just the opposite of the previous occupants. They were friendly, took care of their property and got along well with all the neighbors. I knew the children and played with them when they came by my end of the block, but rarely visited their house. Most of what happened next I got from my other friends and people closer to the family then I was.

A couple of my friends were regularly invited to sleepovers at the house. During the sleepovers, Nappy would normally roam the house and eventually settle into his little doggie bed in one corner of the living room. However, on more then a few occasions the friendly little dog exhibited some very unfriendly and odd behavior.

Nappy would bound up the stairs to a finished attic with two bedrooms. This is where the children slept in bedrooms separated by a small hallway. Once there, he would inexplicably start to growl at the room to the right where the boy slept. This was also the room were the older brother from the previous family had once slept and where he had been found dead of a drug overdose.

Their dog’s odd behavior was first noticed by the children a few weeks after the new family moved in. Some of my friends who had slept over in the boy’s room told me that the boy and his parents were really freaked out by the whole thing. The girl had seen it, but since it wasn’t directed at her room, tended to ignore the incidents.

It seems that Nappy got along fine with the children and showed no animosity towards the sleepover guests either. That meant that his nighttime growling behavior was being directed towards an unknown source. I suppose that any number of simple explanations could be used to explain the whole thing away, but the dog’s growling wasn’t consistent. He didn’t do it every night and as often as not slept quietly without the growling when friends of the boy stayed overnight.

About a year after they moved in, the family moved out. This seemed strange considering the investment they had made in the property, but I doubt the reason for their move had anything to do with their dog‘s odd behavior. There were some strange stories from my friends who spent more time at the house then I did. On a few of the sleepovers they said that the boy’s room always seemed very cold, despite a brand new oil burner having been installed in the house before the family moved in.

Like so many other events involving the paranormal, odd animal behavior is often categorized as explainable even if we do not know the cause. Because dogs cannot talk, we do not know exactly what they are reacting to. Can dogs see dead people? I guess we’ll have to wait until we’re dead to find out the answer to that question! Read more amazing stories about dogs at .


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A native New Yorker now living in Arizona, Bill Knell is a forty-something guy with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He's written hundreds of articles offer advice on a wide variety of subjects. A popular Speaker, Bill Knell presents seminars on a number of topics that entertain, train and teach. A popular radio and television show Guest, you've heard Bill on thousands of top-rated shows in all formats and seen him on local, national and international television programs.

Ghost Talk - EVP Helps You Hear Them Talk

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When I began ghost hunting almost 15 years ago, I was in awe of the information I had at my discretion. There were many different authors from years past that wrote books on ghosts and how they detected them that I was surprised I had information to follow. Ghost hunting has been ongoing since the late 1800's. Then, just as now, there has been deceit and confusion. Many different groups today are trying to dispel the myths surrounding ghost hunting as well as coming up with new ideas, techniques and theories.

One of those techniques is EVP or electronic voice phenomenon. There are many different thoughts on EVP and how and why it's supposed to work. There was even recently a movie, "White Noise" that was supposed to shed some light on this subject but failed poorly at its' attempt. EVP has been around for years and we are only now beginning to really understand how it works. Very basically, EVP is the voice of the dead. It is a voice that is heard either by a person performing their regular activities of daily living or by a recorder set up specifically for trying to capture the voice. It is thought that ghosts surround us every day. We do believe that they are everywhere. We have no real idea what they are doing except for the very real possibility that ghosts show up at our homes to console, guide and watch over their loved ones. Ghosts were people. Most passed on under normal circumstances. It is these ghosts that can come back to visit and check on their loved ones.

During these visits, ghosts are able to capture the living's attention. They make things happen to get that attention. They might slam a door, make footsteps, knock something off a table or take something and hide it. They are trying to get your attention. They want to be acknowledged and will go to many different lengths to get that attention. They may even touch you. Once you allow your rational mind to understand that this is a possibility, you will get more contact. The ghost may have a message and want you to have it. It is up to you how this is dealt with.

One way of getting your attention is to talk. They may be able to whisper in your ear. If you are fortunate enough to have that happen, you should at least acknowledge that you hear them. They may be able to continue with a few more words. It is very difficult for ghosts to talk or do anything else for that matter. If you will only listen, they will talk to you and have wonderful things to tell you. EVP can be heard with your ear or a recorder and will be crisp and clear. We do not believe that it is necessary to manipulate the voice in any way. If it is a true EVP, you will not need to do that.
I remember the first time I got my first EVP. I was ecstatic. I had gone to a local historical building at Halloween where I was to be a guest on a local radio show and they were broadcasting the show from this building. I had my tape recorder with me. I always have some sort of media with me to play back when I get home so I can listen to myself and make sure I don't sound like some idiot. I set my recorder in front of me on the table. There were two of the show personalities on my right at the table and one tarot card reader, giving readings, on my left at the table. No one was ever near my recorder and I never left the table. Following the radio show, I went home and listened to the taping while working at my computer. Much to my surprise, as I was listening to the recording I received a voice as clear as can be, sounding like an older woman, telling me, "get out", not in a nice way. I was amazed. I had to call anyone I could get a hold of and let them listen to it. Everyone was congratulating me. I had always said that this historic building was not haunted. I had been in it often over the years and swore that it was not haunted. To my surprise, I got one of the best EVP's I have ever received and really cherish it to this day. It is not often that you are able to get EVP, let alone one so clear. I felt very honored. A ghost somewhere felt I was worthy of receiving an EVP, even if it wasn't a really nice one. They apparently had issues that haven't been dealt with and wanted to be alone. Unfortunately, there were probably 50 people nearby that I couldn't have been able to get rid of, so the ghost was going to have to deal with the intrusion of this building a bit longer.

EVP can be obtained. The old adage, "if at first your don't succeed, try, try again" really holds full weight here. You need to keep working at it and working at it. Talk to the ghosts wherever you are trying to get EVP, ask them to talk to you. Be polite, considerate, respectful. They are people too. You can use any type of recorder. Digital has been proven to be the best but tape works as well. Most of all, keep trying. You will find that ghosts will begin to talk to you and may give you messages if you want them. You can talk to ghosts too!!

Ghost Hunting 101

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Do you hear bumps in the night? Does your hair stand on end when you walk into a room? Maybe you feel as if someone is watching you or perhaps you think you see someone out the corner of your eye, but when you turn to look no one is there? What you may be encountering in those unsettling moments is a ghost. So before you go running out of your house screaming, let’s take a moment to talk about ghostly encounters and those that investigate this phenomena.

A ghost is believed to be the spirit or soul of a person who has remained on Earth after death. When a ghost has taken up residence in a location, it is referred to as a haunting. There are two different ways in which a ghost inhabits a location. The most common type of haunting is a residual haunting. A residual haunting is typified by ghostly energy that is static or goes through a number of movements over and over again. It can be likened to watching a movie clip that repeats itself or a record album that has a skip in it, causing the needle to jump back to an earlier point on the album and begin again.

The second classification of haunting is the classic haunting. In a classic haunting the ghost displays intelligence and interacts with the people in the environment. It is not uncommon during a classic haunting for items to be moved around, for lights or electrical appliances to turn on and off, to hear voices our sounds out of nowhere or to be touched, tickled, stroked or even shoved. These ghosts often reflect the personality of an individual, even after their death. With this type of haunting, the aroma of flowers, perfume, cigarette smoke or other scents that are associated with the individual are often detected.

So whether you think you are being haunted by a ghost and want to have a group of trained professionals to come to your home or are interested in investigating all that goes bump in the night, but don’t know where to begin, here’s some information that can help you get started.

It is held that ghosts are electro-magnetic in origin and they create these fields when trying to manifest into this dimension. The energy that is given off by a ghost causes disruptions in the locations magnetic field, thus making it detectable by specialized equipment and psychics alike.

Because the presence of a ghost can be detected by specific types of equipment, a ghost hunter can become well equipped with a number of affordable pieces of equipment, many of which you may already own. From basic to advanced, there are many different types of equipment you can use to detect an otherworldly presence. For someone thinking about participating in an investigation, this doesn’t mean you have to own every piece of equipment in order to perform a reliable investigation. It does mean that you should at least possess a basic set of tools to use.

Basic Equipment

35mm or Digital Camera – For a beginner, having a camera is probably the easiest and least expensive way to begin. Pictures, whether digital or recorded on film can capture paranormal activity, activity that is often invisible to the naked eye. This is especially true in the case of documenting the presence of orbs and ectoplasm.

Notebook & Pen or Pencil – Simple as this may be, it is always a good idea to have something to record any notes, findings or experiences you may have during an investigation.

Flashlight – Many times an investigation will take you to a dark or foreboding location such as a cemetery, old warehouse, abandoned building or other place that is dark or without electricity. In these instances you will need to have a portable light source.

Extra Batteries – Depending on the paranormal activity of a location, batteries oftentimes will mysteriously and unexpectedly lose their charge leaving you in the dark. Regardless of the type of equipment you use, make sure you bring extra batteries along to replenish depleted ones.

Intermediate Equipment

EMF Detector – The Electromagnetic Field Detector is probably one of the most important pieces of equipment to own if you are serious about doing an investigation. In addition to detecting the energy fields of ghosts, it is a key tool to use when taking baseline readings of a site. A baseline reading is a preliminary evaluation of a location, where investigators identify any existing or man made electromagnetic fields such as those created by power lines or electrical appliances.

Digital Video Camera – Video cameras can be a useful investigation tool. Unlike still cameras, a video camera will document any activity in its entirety including the length of time the phenomena occurs, the surrounding conditions, as well as the phenomena itself. A tripod to rest the video camera on is also helpful, especially if it is going to be left in a stationary position to record the activity in a specific location.

Tape Recorder with an External Microphone – There is no better way to capture EVP’s (electronic voice phenomena) than through the use of a tape recorder. Whether using a traditional tape recorder with high quality tapes or a digital recorder, an external microphone should always be used. A detached mic will eliminate the sounds of internal gears and turning wheels that can contaminate your recording.

Advanced Equipment

Motion Detectors – Motion detectors can be used to sense the movement of unseen forces. Many need to be plugged in to an outlet, but battery operated ones are also available. Before you go out and buy one, decide which type will best support you investigatory needs.

Thermal Scanner – A thermal scanner or non-contact thermometer can be used to detect rapid temperature changes. A change of ten degrees or more from the ambient temperature (the temperature of the surrounding area) can indicate an ethereal presence.

Psychics – As An Investigative Tool

In addition to tools such as cameras, meters and gauges that are used by ghost hunters, many groups also utilize the services of trained psychics as a means of gathering information about a site. This is the role I play when working with ghost hunting groups.

Finding a true psychic to work with can be a real asset to the quality of your investigation. They can play an invaluable role in supporting the efforts of any paranormal investigation. Like a good piece of equipment, a psychic can help to detect anomalies as well as provide additional insights into the nature of activity encountered.

If your group decides to include the use of a psychic as part of the investigation team, there are a few items that should be considered. To maximize the objectivity of the investigation, it is critical that the psychic go into a location “cold”. This means that they do not know the details of the location or of any activity that may have been encountered by other members or the property owner. Telling the psychic the history of a property can cause the individual to become “contaminated”, which can make it difficult for them to differentiate what they perceive from what they have been told.

Conducting An Investigation

With at least a basic kit of equipment in hand, you are now ready to explore the world of paranormal phenomena. Before you begin, there are a few ground rules to consider. First, never go on an investigation alone, in addition to personal safety, you never know what may happen. Next, consider the fact that ghost hunting groups are often judged by their behavior and professionalism – so always try to be respectful of the people, places and situations you may encounter.

To do an investigation, the first step is to select a location. Locations can include cemeteries, old buildings, historic sites, private homes and businesses. Always get permission to be on a site. This will keep you from getting in trouble for trespassing. Before you begin a formal investigation it is a good idea to do some research on the site. Talk to the owner, check out old newspapers, or contact the local historic society to see if anything happened there in the past. It is also a good idea to evaluate the terrain for potential hazards or/or to identify places where you can setup stationary video cameras, motion detectors or tape recorders.

Most investigations occur after dark, between the hours of 9pm and 6am. These hours are considered the “psychic hours” and are believed to be the best time to record paranormal activity.

When you get to the selected location, walk around to get a feel for it. Next, set up any stationary equipment and take baseline readings of the site. Then let the investigation begin. Take pictures, shoot video, record for EVP and take meter readings. Take them everywhere and anywhere, especially if you feel something or get a reading on another piece of equipment. When you are done walking around a site, turn your stationary equipment on and let it run while you and your group are out of the area.

When you have finished collecting your data, it is time for analysis. Here each picture, video and tape is reviewed for evidence of a haunting. This is probably the most important part of any investigation. As you review your materials, be skeptical. Look for earthly causes of any phenomena. Was someone smoking in the area? Was the room or location dusty? Where there reflective surfaces that could be the cause of the anomaly in your image? It is important to make sure your evidence will stand up to scrutiny by eliminating any other explanations. This will give your data more credibility.

As you pore over your data, what you will find is that not every location you go to will have ghostly activity. You may discover that many of the things you initially detected during your investigation actually have real world explanations as opposed to supernatural ones. What keeps many ghost hunters going is that one-in-five chance that this investigation will be the “real” thing.

When your analysis is done, presenting your finding to the home or property owner or sharing your results with others is often done. Many groups also post the results of their investigations on their group’s website, thus share the outcome of their investigation with the rest of the world.

If you are interested in ghost hunting or think your have a ghost hanging around in your local, there is a plethora of information available on the worldwide web. Here you can find articles about ghost hunting in general, stories of other people’s ghostly encounters, places that sell ghost hunting equipment and even sites hosted by ghost hunting groups in your geographic area.

So if you think you are hearing bumps in the night, don’t be afraid – it just might be a ghost!

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Are You A Believer In Parapsychology?

Author: Susan Barbara Apollon

Publisher: Matters Of The Soul

ISBN: 0975403648

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Today, Norm Goldman, Editor of is honored to have as our guest, Dr. Susan Barbara Apollon.

Susan is the author of Touched by the Extraordinary and for the past twenty years worked as a psychotherapist, psychologist, and healer, treating children and adults who are traumatized, diagnosed with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses, dealing with death and dying, and those who are grieving.

Good day Susan and thank you for agreeing to participate in our interview.


Susan, could you tell us a little about yourself and how did you become interested in the paranormal?


Because I work with those who are dealing with cancer, trauma, life-threatening illnesses, death and dying, I would have patients share stories of extraordinary events that happened to them which they refused to share with anyone else ?for fear of being labeled crazy. Their stories, often of deceased loved ones finding ways to communicate messages that they were still going strong, still loving and available to their physical loved ones, truly stimulated my interest in the nature of life and death and whether we die or not. And I wanted to be able to not only comfort my patients, but to also provide them with knowledge which would enable them to be hopeful and at peace regarding their deceased loved ones and the possibility of reconnecting with them at some point.


How did you get the inspiration for your book Touched by the Extraordinary?


It came in part from the kinds of stories my patients shared with me which dealt not only with visions and communication with loved ones, but also experiences of angels, guides, masters, synchronicities, prayers being answered, as well as miracles and healings taking place - all of which made me feel as though we were often fortunate to be blessed by something greater, more wonderful and extraordinary than we felt ourselves to be. It also came from my own intuitive studies, research and energy work. Specifically, as I found myself developing my intuitive wisdom via many years of working with superb spiritual teachers, studying Mind and Consciousness, learning to meditate and engaging in energy and healing work. I knew I was connecting with that which is ?with All there is ?and this felt, for me, as though I were being touched by the extraordinary.


What was your primary objective when you wrote your book?


Initially, to provide comfort to those dealing with loss ?loss of health, loss of life, loss of dreams ?and kind of significant and meaningful loss. However, this changed with time. Actually, this changed because I had changed. I had grown in terms of my sense of who I was. Thus, after almost ten years of work on and completion of the book, I actually chose to completely rewrite it. You see, knowing that I had changed and that I had learned so much from my journey of research, interviews and studies, I felt I had a responsibility to share what I had learned with others to not only help comfort and heal ?but to enable everyone to know the powerful resources that lie within each of us to have the life we wish to have.


Can you explain some of your research techniques, and how you found sources for your book?


Yes, but understand, please, that each piece of research I did, each form of energy work I studied and practiced, every meditation I did, every intuitive development class and circle I attended, every Healing and Consciousness Seminar I was involved in, every prayer I have offered on behalf of others and for myself ?all of this and more have been for me the pieces of the puzzle to help me understand the power of Mind and Consciousness ?and the Universe ?which, in turn, contribute to me knowing how powerful a being I AM ?and all us are, as well.

I spent more than a decade interviewing those - anyone, be it patient, stranger, friend, friend of friend or patient, etc., who had chosen to share their miraculous and remarkable stories with me ?always, of course, securing their permission first. In addition, I began my research first with the literature coming from my colleagues in both the field of psychiatry and psychology dealing with past-life experiences and reincarnation, including the wonderful work of Brian Weiss, Ian Stevenson, Carol Zaleske and others.

I then moved on to read as much as I could re near-death experiences, following the publication of research by Kubler-Ross, Raymond Moody, Sabum, Morse and Ring, most of whom were physicians who had begun to publish their findings. This led me to the important research of the quantum physicists ?dealing with nonlocal mind, as well as those who wrote of their work, including Dossey and Chopra. This brought me, naturally, to research and personally test out the powers of Mind and Consciousness.

I studied with individuals whose methods have been honored by Harvard, including the healing methods of Larry LeShan and Joyce Goodrich. I sought out role models, including Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, to visit with and interview, asking questions for which I had long wanted answers.

I read as much as I could regarding scientific research of prayer, healers and healing ?and I spent much time practicing what I preached. I knew I was becoming more intuitive in the process. I made a point of actually putting to the test and using my intuition ?my nonlocal mind –to therapeutically heal my patients emotionally, mentally, spiritually ?and, at times, physically.

What is nice in doing work over a decade is that the universe comes around to eventually providing you with authors who are writing and studying what you have been doing.

Doctors, scientists and psychologists who understand the power of mind to help heal are writing materials which have been a part of my research. These include the works of Orloff, Myss, Borysenko, Siegel, Northrup, Dossey, Tolle, Hawkins, Targ, Radin,and Zukav.

Medicine today is dealing with an appreciation of alternative healing methods, some of which are based on an understanding of the principles of energy and nonlocal mind. This has been helpful in the acceptance and validation of the work I have researched, practiced and about which I have written.


What challenges or obstacles did you encounter while writing your book? How did you overcome these challenges?


Initially, and in the early to mid nineties, people would express some skepticism or doubts re my research ?sort of including me among the crazy or “way out there" population. Interestingly, I never had difficulty finding individuals who had extraordinary experiences. It appeared to me that just about everyone had them ?but few were comfortable sharing them with most people. Yet, these individuals were always eager to share their stories with someone who believed them to be of sound mind. So, I persevered. I never let the thoughts of others stop me. I felt driven and a sense of hunger for finding answers to what I believed to be Truth ?(that we have everything inside of us that we need).


In your book you often mention that we are “nonlocal beings." What exactly is a “nonlocal being?? How widespread among your peers is the acceptance that we are “nonlocal beings??


Being nonlocal means that we are all blessed with consciousness (or mind ?or intuitive wisdom) that extends far beyond our body, the present moment or the place in which we are located.

We are so extraordinary, so wonderful, and so special because we have access to All there is. And, we can access this knowledge by learning to connect with our own wisdom, something I like to think of as our soul’s wisdom, by quieting our mind and our body and going to a beautiful place of peace, well-being and sense of divine connection and awareness. This is often done using our breath and learning to fill with feelings of love.

When I began my research, the issue of being nonlocal, I believe was far from being accepted by my peers. However, as humanity has moved into the 21s century, we are allowing in a greater awareness of our ability to know so much more than we believed ourselves capable of knowing in the past. In conjunction with Carl Jung’s concepts of the Collective Unconscious and archetypes, what is being thought and dreamed about in one part of the world is being thought and dreamed about throughout the world.

The idea of our being intuitive beings has been the subject of national publications, as well as scientific and educational journals. Scientists are now releasing findings of research conducted during the 20th century which dealt with remote viewing and attempts to explore and understand the amazing powers of Mind and Consciousness. Of course, as we face and embrace our intuitive wisdom, we also find ourselves becoming more spiritual beings. So, to answer your question, yes, I believe my peers are far more accepting of our being nonlocal beings ?though we still have a ways to go.


In your book you often refer to the teachings of Dr. Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross, Dr. Melvin Morse, and Dr. Raymond Moody. Why have these three influenced your thoughts?


That is a good question. Perhaps, and I believe this to be the case, their teachings influenced my thinking because I intuitively believed that what they had to say was Truth. That is, it felt right for me upon reading their material. It simply felt right and this led me, no, created a hunger within me, to want to know more of their work and their research. What is interesting is that each phase of my work led me to- and created a hunger for- the next phase. Perhaps this is because it all felt so good and so right for me.


What kind of positive and negative feedback have you received from your book?


Norm, I am moved and touched by the response to the book so far. To write an entire book that came from my heart, first, and my research, second, and to have others share with me that they have truly enjoyed reading it "and that they have experienced so many of the same kinds of events and stories, always feeling they were unique and alone, has been extremely gratifying.

To have individuals from various parts of the country contacting me to let me know that book has helped them find comfort, solace and even uplifting feelings while dealing with cancer, life-threatening surgery or the death of a loved one ?all of this has warmed my heart and validated my belief that this material needed to be written and shared with everyone.

What pleases me, in particular, is that feedback has indicated that the book is an easy-to-read, comfortable experience, something which I had so much wanted for the reader. My intention had been to create a book which would create the feeling that the reader and I were sitting across from one another, over a cup of tea or coffee, having a really comfortable and easy to understand conversation. And, I wanted to create a book which could be picked up at any place and that the reader would only have to read just a few pages to feel satisfied and that those few pages would be what he or she needed at that moment. I am hearing from many that this has been their experience.

I have not yet received much negative feedback, perhaps because readers are simply being too kind or because we are too early in the process. I have heard from some that they read the book, from cover to cover, even though this was not their favorite type of material, but because it was presented in an enjoyable manner.


How have you used the Internet to boost your career and your book?


I have a website, which is one place the public can learn more about extraordinary experiences (there is an offer of a free report dealing with the extraordinary) and where the book can be ordered. In addition, there are other websites such as , and where readers can visit, learn about the book and then order it, if they wish.

Furthermore, as the book is being reviewed, the reviews will appear on the internet on various sites. Several of the radio interviews I have had, I have been told, have also appeared on the internet. And, at some point soon, I will establish a blog and additions to my website to further comfort, soothe, guide and educate individuals about how extraordinary they are.


Any unique ways you'll be marketing your book that is different from how others authors market their books?


I am about to begin production on an audio version of Touched by the Extraordinary. As a psychologist, I have been extremely aware that many benefit much more from audio material because they are simply not comfortable with the process of reading. Yet, they are hungry for knowledge and eager to grow mentally, spiritually and mentally. Furthermore, I plan to eventually offer seminars to the public which I hope will not only serve as wonderful and joyful experiences, but events which will empower, enlighten, delight, and reinforce the many ways in which each of us can develop the capacity of our mind and consciousness, as well as tap into our own soul’s intuitive wisdom.


Is there anything else you wish to add that we have not covered?


Yes, know that I am very grateful to you for giving me this opportunity to share a good part of this journey with you. May you and y our readers be blessed with love, well-being and peace. Warmly, Susan.

Thanks and good luck with all of your future endeavors.


The above interview was contributed by: NORM GOLDMAN: Editor of Bookpleasures & CLICK TO VIEW Norm Goldman's Other Reviews.

Norm Goldman is the editor of the book reviewing site,


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Ghost Hunting Basics

by Amanda

This article is from Midwest Preternatural Research

The following is a guideline of ghost hunting, including how investigations should be approached, and a few Do's and Don'ts to make your hunt more successful.

Before the investigation:

Do your research - Information may be found at your local library (which is a great place to search through old newspaper articles), the city's records, and even the internet may be used. It is best to gather information from as many resources as possible, since stories and events may vary slightly from one article to the next.

Don't judge a book by its cover - If you are asked to investigate a new building, just because it doesn't look haunted, don't pass it up. The land might be haunted, or the source could come from an old building that is no longer on the site. On the other hand, if you get an invite to investigate a place that looks like it comes straight out of a horror film, don't just expect ghosts because it "looks creepy". Remember, hauntings can happen in any location, and it is best to approach these with an open mind.

Conduct interviews - Once you have been contacted for an investigation it is a good idea to interview the owner, or any other persons that have had experiences dealing with the paranormal events at the location. It is a good idea to gather what experiences they have had, and if these events occur at a certain time or location on the property. Also it is a good idea to ask them to keep a journal of events that may occur between the interview and the date of the investigation.

Do a walkthrough - Before investigating, go to the location and familiarize yourself with the area. Make note of things such as creaking doors and floorboards, and mark any air vents that could explain away dust and cold spots. Also make note of things such as if the location is on a busy street or if the neighbors are in close proximity, as this may explain any voices heard. Take baseline readings. This is both for reference later, and because a certain kind of EMF may cause hallucinations, feelings of paranoia, being watched, nausea, etc. If there are any noisy machines make note of that as well.

During the Investigation:

Don't trespass - If there is a certain site you would like to investigate, get permission from the owner or local authorities. It is up to the owner if they would like an investigation performed, and if you do not receive an okay from them, you are breaking the law.

Be respectful of other people's property - Once you do get permission to investigate a location, this doesn't mean you have complete full range of the property. Remember to not touch personal items and also to stay clear of any rooms or locations that the owner has asked you to keep out of. Also some people would like investigations kept confidential, always get permission before making information public.

Be professional - Don't smoke, drink, or dress up like you're going to a party. Also don't run around and start playing. This just makes it look like you're goofing off and can be dangerous as well, especially if you are investigating in an unfamiliar location.

Stay in teams - While investigating an area, it is best to stick together with at least one other person, this is a good idea for a couple of reasons. If an event should occur it is best to have someone besides yourself as a witness. Also it is safer in case an injury should occur. If you do decide to investigate a room on your own, let others know where you will be, and how long.

Know your equipment - Some groups pay hundreds of dollars for a fancy getup like TAPS has, but what's really the point if you don't know how to use the equipment properly, or if you don't know why you're using it? Read instruction manuals to make sure you understand how they work, and do some research so you know the theories behind why you're using it in the first place.

Bring extra batteries - Since haunted sites are known to drain batteries, it might be a good idea to bring some extra batteries along.

Take notes - Keep note of where people are at all times so if you get any audio evidence later you can go back and verify what everybody was doing at that time. It is also important to keep note of any sounds that occur that might later be mistaken for something paranormal. After every noise, say "that was a stomach" or "that was a car going by" into the recorder. While you should be making notes into a recorder as well, it is a good idea to write these things down for back up.

Lights on or off? - Despite what you might think, you really don't have to wait until after it gets dark to do an investigation. Paranormal events can happen at anytime. The only reason you might want to do an investigation at night is because it's quieter. Sometimes it might be a good idea to ask the client at what time they experience the most activity, and then schedule an investigation for that time. It also doesn't make a difference if the lights are on or off. This was originally started by some of the early mediums who were frauds and were trying to fool people, and since then it has just stuck. Some TV shows do it to give it a more spooky feel. Having the lights on or off isn't going to affect your readings either way. In fact, if you were to capture something on video like a chair moving it might actually be more convincing if it were well lit. However, if you want to avoid false EMF readings, you can try completely turning off the power in the building, but just flicking off the light switches will not make a difference in the readings.

How to conduct a safe ghost hunting trip

Article from The Shadowlands


What you may Encounter:

There are generally 2 types of spirits you may encounter. One was a human at one time and it has remained on this level for some reason. It may not know it's dead, may be held here by unfinished business, guilt, etc. These spirits are like the person was when they were alive, so they could be good or bad, just like the living, but not normally dangerous.

This human spirit is the type you will encounter 95% of the time. You could also witness a residual haunting which is just a playback of a past event. This is just like watching a video from the past playing over and over. The other type of spirit you may encounter were never human and are generally bad news. You must be aware of this type but not obsessed with them, the chances that you will encounter them in a regular ghost hunt are slim. I have experienced both types and I just want to make you aware of their existence. So be aware and protect yourself and you should have no problem.

General Tips

  1. Check out the area in daylight so you are familiar with the area. Look for dangerous places and obstacles that you will not be able to see in the dark.
  2. Look for no trespassing signs. Make sure you are not trespassing. If you are on private property you are risking getting a ticket or arrested in some areas. You can get permission from many owners and or caretakers. We will often notify the local Police that we will be in a grave yard "taking pictures" so they are aware of our presence. If you are asked to leave do so immediately, you will not win this argument and you make other investigators look bad if you make a scene.
  3. Make sure you bring you ID. (drivers license, etc.) so if you are questioned by the police you can prove who you are.
  4. Never go alone. This is just common sense. If you get hurt, who will get help?
  5. The best times are from 9pm to 6am, these are the psychic hours, but anytime can produce results. Photos have historically been better in the dark but don't let that discourage you from taking them during the day.
  6. Find out all you can about the history of the locale. Newspapers, town historians, WWW and books can be helpful finding folklore or hard facts about the site. The books and web pages dealing with this type of info is enormous. We have a haunted places listing here with over 1000 places listed.

Never Trespass on Private Property

Article from The Shadowlands

By Dave Juliano (

Too many times we see amateur ghost hunters or kids who want a thrill break into abandon buildings and get caught. Many of these people also vandalize the property.

Abandon houses and buildings are private property. You are trespassing if you enter the property. You also degrade the reputations of real investigators in the process. I

Encourage anyone who would like to see real research continue to turn in anyone you know of that has trespassed or vandalized something while looking for ghosts. Most police departments will take anonymous tips and stake out an area if they know there are going to be more illegal entries into a sight. There are so many places that amateur ghost hunters and thrill seekers can go without trespassing but apparently part of the thrill is the breaking and entering plus the vandalism. Time after time the finger gets pointed at this website as the reason for the vandalism. There are disclaimers on all the pages telling people not to trespass. The people who are responsible are the people who decided to vandalism and trespass, period. Quite often true researchers and websites are blasted in the news but in rare cases like the one below, the journalists were responsible and respectful enough to get our side of an event. I appreciate the opportunity they gave researchers to be heard on the subject.

“Teens’ caper haunts real ghost-hunters”

Marissa Yaremich, New Haven Register Staff


WEST HAVEN — It’s often difficult enough for professional paranormal researchers to convince skeptics that the intangible world of ghosts and demons exists.
But add a group of thrill-seeking trespassers, stolen booze and the police, as happened here last week, and the field’s credibility suffers tremendously, ghost hunters say.
"It’s upsetting because I put so much time into documenting (the paranormal) and going to these places ... that in a way this is a psychological blow," said Christine Kaczynski, an independent paranormal investigator who says she has documented ghosts and demons nationwide for 30 years.

Last week, police arrested 17 teenagers and young adults on various criminal charges in the break in at the West Haven Buckle Co. based on a Web site’s claim that the site, dubbed "Hell House," is haunted.

Some of the suspects also face burglary and larceny charges because they allegedly broke into a boarded-up restaurant near the Campbell Avenue buckle factory and stole numerous bottles of liquor.

They proceeded to indulge in the alcohol inside the factory as they waited for apparitions to appear, according to police.

With police now on heightened alert for trespassers, Kaczynski said she’s concerned that the group’s illegal actions will affect bona fide paranormal researchers visiting public locations.

"Those kids brought down our credibility a lot, because it will make it more difficult to investigate (public locations)," she said.

Kaczynski is also an organizational member of the New Haven Ghost Trackers, which always obtains permission before accessing sites of paranormal interest, she said.

John Zaffis, also a paranormal investigator and director of the Paranormal Research Center of New England in Stratford, said he too is disappointed by the youths’ so-called ghost-hunting.

"I’m definitely, definitely, not in favor of someone partying or drinking during investigations, as it alters your state (of mind). You need to be very careful during investigations," he said.

In addition to posing a safety danger in an unstable building, Zaffis said such searches mostly lead to unnecessary property damage.

The youths in West Haven, though, were not arrested for damaging property inside the buckle factory.

With more than 1,000 paranormal cases and 32 years of experience behind him, Zaffis said such arrests take away from the scientific importance of paranormal research.

"It’s important to have people with you who understand and are involved in this work, so you don’t get into (such) major situations," said Zaffis, who is a worldwide lecturer and teaches basic ghost-hunting courses at the Paranormal Research Society of New England (

The site on which the West Haven youths allegedly based their search,, is reputable among professionals, who often rely on its collections of urban legends, personal ghost sightings and hauntings as a resource, said Kaczynski, who has her own Web site,

Shadowlands founder and co-director, Dave Juliano, added that "too often" the Web site gets blamed for delinquent actions, despite posting warnings against trespassing.

"I am very glad (the youths) were caught, and hopefully this will remind people to stay out of places unless they have permission" from the property owners, Juliano said in a written statement.

Something about The Marshfield County Hospital

Article from The Shadowlands


I happened upon your sight tonight, when on a whim, decided to look up ghost stories of Wisconsin. I read the short piece on the old Marshfield County Hospital. Just wanted to add a little bit I know about the old hospital (aka: Norwood Hospital).

To let you know the source of this story, I had a teacher in high school who's husband was a doctor turned parapsychologist (believe his name was Dr. Tierney). During her "Death" unit in her English class, she would bring in her husband to tell us a few of the sighting he had investigated.

He told the story of the Old Norwood Mental Hospital. A doctor and personal friend of Dr. Tierney had relayed a story of what had happened to him while working at this old hospital. The story is as follows:

The doctor had worked long at the hospital when he started hearing patients tell stories.

They would tell of hearing strange voices, seeing shadows, feeling as if someone was there. Well, it was a mental hospital after all, so he dismissed the claims.

Side note: To describe Norwood (which was recently destroyed due to the Highway 10 bypass project) it looked like an old sandstone-colored castle. It was a creepy place to go even after the place had closed do and places like the Salvation Army and other various businesses would hold auctions, flea markets and sales. I used to go there with my parents after the facility was closed, so I was up close and personal.

Okay, back to the story:

The hospital had series of hallways beneath the facility that would lead to rooms for storage and utilities (heating and plumbing). These tunnels were only accessible by administration and staff. A room would mark the end of a hallway, with no way out.

That way, if a patient did get down there, there was no way out and they were trapped.

These hallways were also sparsely lit.

Working a late shift one night, he needed to go down to the records room. The room at the end of a particularly long hallway. The lights where spaced far apart and allowed many shadows. Walking down the hallway, the doctor thought he saw someone standing against the wall need the door to the records room.

On closer inspection, he recognized the form of that of "Joe" the janitor. He called out in greeting to Joe and asked him what he was doing down there. The shadow then just detached itself from the wall as if to face the doctor, it turned, then walked into the wall.

The doctor was quite shocked by this, and just a bit shaken. After a moment he dismissed it as an overactive imagination from working long hours. He continued down the hallway, but as he closed on the door, he started getting a feeling of dread. The closer to the door, the worse it became. His heart pounding and his body sweating, he forced himself to reach for the door knob. He turned the knob and the door wouldn't budge. He starting forcing the door open and it felt as if a wild wind pushed out of the room. After forcing the door open a few inches, a voice screamed, "GET OUT!" and the door slammed shut.

The doctor, taking a hint, ran for his life. He sat in his office for quite a while trying to gather himself over a cup of coffee. Finally, he decided that the hospital was starting to get to him. He had to go back down to the room to prove to himself that he wasn't going crazy.

Slowly he walked down the hallway and reached the door without incident. He reached for the door, turned the knob, and quickly threw the door open and flipped on the light switch. NOTHING! Nothing happened and nothing was disturbed in the room. He thought with all the wind he had experienced from the room, the place would be a mess.

Everything was where it was supposed to be. He quickly gathered what he needed and left the room vowing not to anyone about the incident. After all, crazy things like that were the reason people were locked up there in the first place.

A month or so later, the doctor was coming in on his morning shift when one of his fellow workers quickly pulled him aside. "You will never believe what happened to me last night down in the records room!" the worker exclaimed.

The doctor replied, "Try me."

The co-worker went on to tell the doctor and amazing story that almost duplicated the doctor's experience. Then the doctor came out and told the co-worker of his experience.

The co-worker was very relieved and was happy they were not going crazy.

There was one thing missing from the co-worker's story though and asked the co-worker about it.

"Before this all happened, did you see anything? I thought I say Joe, the old janitor, standing in the hallway by the door." The proceeded to tell the co-worker about the shadow walking through the wall.

The co-worker explained that they had not seen a shadow, but that is possibly had been Joe. Joe had hung himself in the boiler room down there several months before.

Hence the Haunting of Norwood Hospital.

I hope you find the story interesting. I have several other stories I have looked into in Stevens Point, and even more I have experienced.

Stevens Point seems like a hotbed of ghost stories. Just will give a little overview of a couple of them:

The legless man of Lynwood: A short man in a turn of the century suite stands along side of County Truck P near dusk when the fog covers the roads. He waves down people while holding a bouquet of flower, asking passersby where his wife is buried.

Calvin Blood: I've heard several stories for a background to this haunting, but it is says this haunting is by a man once named Calvin Blood. Blood at one time was a popular name in portage county like Jones or Smith. The haunting itself takes place in a cemetery along the Wisconsin River off of West River Drive. I found a police report in Stevens Point's old library about an incident happening to a couple of officers investigating a call of kids in the cemetery.

To make a long story short on this one, supposedly a blob of light and fog comes out from behind Calvin's grave stone, shutting off all power to vehicles and lights, it envelopes a vehicle, and then just vanishes restoring all power to the vehicle.

Now this cemetery is watched by a keeper who doesn't like anybody coming into the cemetery at night. And also heard from another of my teachers that Calvin Blood's remains were moved to an island out in the river behind the cemetery. There are 30 or 40 graves there that are unmarked. Remains were moved there to keep people from going after the bodies. He told of the only two people lynched in Portage county that are buried there. Two brothers that raped and murdered a girl early in the town's history and were hung in the town square. Another buried there was a former sheriff that were hated by may in the town. One night, someone hung the sheriff from the maple tree in his front yard. For years, on the anniversary of his death, people would dig up his remains and hang them from the tree, hence the reason for hiding his remains.

If interested, I'll give you a few more stories I know from the Stevens Point/Plover and surrounding area, both publicly know and a few private ones.

Types of Ghosts

Article from The Shadowlands

by Dave Juliano

The general Hollywood concept of a ghost is not accurate but it's what many think about when they speak of ghosts. There are basically three types of hauntings.

The first type of haunting is exactly like a video playback of a historic or tragic event.

This is called a residual haunting. The event unfolds in front of you and there is no interaction between you and the ghosts. They seem to not notice you and go through the motions of the event that occurred in the past. This event has been imprinted on the area or building and is replayed back later when conditions are right. The ghosts that you see in this type are not earthbound spirits, they are just visual play backs. Since everything is made up of energy, the theory is that some of the energy from an event can be recorded by certain materials and played back when the atmosphere triggers it. Remember that video and audio tape is just oxidized (rust) film that enables the images and sounds to "stick" to it. This type may be frightening when you see it, but you are in no danger so enjoy the experience.

The second type of haunting is an interactive spirit that manifests in many ways. You may see a full bodied or partial bodied apparition. More frequently than that, you may here voices, music, footsteps, etc. You may also smell odors which sources cannot be found (i.e. pipe tobacco when no one smokes). You may also see orbs, mists and other light effects. You may feel touches, cold spots, and other light physical contact. This ghost is the spirit of a deceased human being. They may be stuck here (earthbound) for reasons such as tragic sudden death, fear of moving on, guilt or unfinished business. They also could be here visiting loved ones or to warn or pass along a message. These human spirits are the same as they were in life, so they may be good or bad, but not really evil. Think of all the people you know, probably a bit of good and bad, some worse than others. This type can cause some scary situations but you must think about the situation they are in, you don't see them but they see you. They will try to get your attention any way they can. Many times this is the terrifying event people will write to me about like the lights going on and off, items moving, noises, etc. For the most part these are just attention getters and nothing more. There are a few more mischievous human spirits that will do these things to bother you and scare you on purpose. They may just be a prankster or maybe they want you to leave the old home or not to change something in the home. They have all the same motivations you and I would have. These human spirits account for a majority of the hauntings we encounter and are relatively harmless. Yes, there are extreme cases and sometimes they can cause dangerous situations, but this is not the norm and is rare.

The third type of ghost you may encounter is not a rare one, but is rare that they interact with the living. They are non human spirits, commonly known as demons and devils. They are mentioned in the bible numerous places in both the old and new testaments. People like Ed and Lorraine Warren have been dealing with this type of spirit for years. This type is dangerous and can cause you harm. I believe that if there is good, there must be a counter balance, evil. These non human spirits often disguise themselves and friendly and helpful human spirits. They often appear in cases dealing with Ouija boards, black magic and satanic worship. This is why I recommend not trying to contact spirits and doing ghost hunts without some understanding of what's out there. It's also why I recommend you go with or learn from experienced people before hand. That way you can ghost hunt with relative safety from these entities.

Where to Find Ghosts

Article from The Shadowlands/p>

by Dave Juliano

This questions is often asked by the budding ghost hunter, the curious and the concerned. Where are ghosts? How do we locate them? Are there any near me? First I'll cover some the basic theories concerning the living and the dead interacting. I believe that all people have the ability to see/sense ghosts. Some of us are born sensitive, always seeing/sensing them. Some are sensitive in certain locations like their home or other place they are relaxed. Others are just in tune at the right time and show sensitivity briefly.

Having said that, I'll tell you now that spirits can be anywhere. There isn't any place that you will not find them, but the point of this article is to help you find them so there are places that are more likely to have strong spirit activity. In location of strong spirit activity, it is possible for the less sensitive to slowly learn how to tune in. These are also the places where ghost investigators or hunters will look since the odds are better that they will locate a ghost or two.

Cemeteries - The age of the cemetery doesn't matter but the older it is, the more time it has had to accumulate restless spirits. Why cemeteries? Well there are theories such as they are portals to the other side or that some spirits are drawn to their former bodies. Why did we pick that spot to build a cemetery? American Indians looked for sacred ground to bury the dead. Were the people who picked a location for a cemetery drawn to a spot by other forces? There may be more at play here in the cemetery than meets the eye.

Schools - Schools and former sites of schools may have the build up of psychic energies and imprints of all the highly emotional events that have transpired there. All the energy, hormones, etc. create a place where there is a surplus of super charged energy. This always seems to attract spirits.

Theaters - The actors have run the gambit of human emotions inside the walls of a theater plus many have interesting hauntings attached to them. Many old theaters have interesting histories that may contribute to the likelihood that there are spirits there.

Battlefields - These are great locations simply because of their nature. Many violent deaths in one area will always hold some spirits and psychic energy there. A soldiers life and death struggle exudes a large amount of energy. this is also a great spot for residual hauntings.

Churches - There is a long history of the faithful returning to the church they worshipped at.

They may be looking for the salvation they were promised and cannot find. Churches also have large amounts of human emotional energy trapped there left behind from weddings, funerals, etc.

Hotels/Motels/Boarding houses - Many dark dealing and highly emotional events take places in these rooms. They also have a lot of traffic, many people are in and out of these rooms.

Historic Locations - Many historic buildings, because of their age, have had more time to have spirits attach to it. These buildings are often open the public and can give you a easy place to start. Many even have known histories of hauntings and you may be able to gain access to the building after hours after speaking with the caretakers.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Child Attachments

All information below is copyrighted to their respective owners. Please contact them using the links provided for permission to use their work.

The information in this article has been obtained from the internet radio show Attached, hosted by Jenny Stewart and an article wrote by Lucy May located on Circling Light Inc. & Circling Light Blog. And from an article wrote by Pinellas/Pasco/Paranormal, located on &, And an article wrote by PsychicPrincess, located on

Lucy May from Circling Light Inc. & Circling Light Blog believes that children under the age of 15 are protected by the energetic connections of their parents and guardians. But this does not mean that they could not develop an attachment before the age of 15.

But energy field of children under the age of 15 is still connected to the auric field of their parents; which is the reason why parents can often tell when something is wrong with their child, even if there are no obvious signs of something being wrong.

Lucy recommends that if you believe that a spirit could be attached to your child that you should look at yourself and your living environment for clues.

  1. Are you having unusual or paranormal experiences also?
  2. Is there an addiction in the family or friends who visit, who bring their personal problems into your home?

Look at your physical life first for problems that need to be resolved.

Many children are more sensitive to emotions than others are; often picking up tension that they sense around them.

  1. Do not hesitate to have your child looked at by a Physician.
  2. Be careful to cover all the bases.
  3. Do not hesitate to contact a psychic consultant for advice.
  4. Be careful to choose someone who knows the world of spirit well, and who specializes in this area.

Pinellas/Pasco/Paranormal from And from an article wrote by Pinellas/Pasco/Paranormal, located on &, writes about a boy who developed a spirit attachment at the age of 3.

(Please note that as of September 7th, 2009 the boy was now 14 years of age. And at this time has a younger brother who is 4 years of age.)

The Parent felt the spirit displayed itself as a 7 year old child.

The parent believed the spirit meant no harm, and only wanted to protect her son. She believes the spirit followed them from their old home, to their new home in Florida.

The youngest boy was thrown down the stairs by an unseen force.

The family is now suffering from bad paranormal experiences, where before the activity was only mischievous.

Pinellas/Pasco/Paranormal goes on to write that people do not always realize that spirit attachments, especially to children, is not usually a good thing. In the case of the boy mentioned above, the spirit started out as protective and playful, and turned into something dark.

A spirit can display itself at any age from its life that it chooses to appear in. So a spirit that appears as a child may not be a child.

Pinellas/Pasco/Paranormal states that there are some good spirits out there that truly do mean no harm, and only wish to help or protect. But usually anything that attaches itself to someone, especially a child, is most likely not one of these kind hearted spirits.

April 05th, 2011 episode of Attached on Jenny’s guest on this episode of Attached was Sharon Kincaid.

Jenny believes that everyone has some form of psychic ability (i.e. Intuition), not that everyone is a psychic, but just that everyone has some form of this gift.

She also believes that paranormal investigators are more prone to get spirit attachments.

A lot of times a child is labeled as being schizophrenic or having multiple personalities, Bipolar, or even ADHD, or other such illnesses and placed on medication, and the truth is that there is nothing mentally wrong with the child; but that the child has a spirit attached to him/her.

Yes, paranormal investigators could be more prone to spirit attachments, due to going into places that are known to be haunted or rumored to be haunted. But Sharon points out, someone who isn’t a paranormal investigator, or even if you are one, could just as easily pick up an attachment at the grocery store. A spirit can attach itself to anyone, anywhere!

Jenny Stewart said during the show that she believes it is very possible that some of the “behavior issues” that some children have, could be the result of a spirit being attached to that child. A sweet, loving, happy child, can literally in a heart beat change to mean, disrespectful child. Most people are quick to label this change as being “rebellious”; but there is a strong possibility that this behavior change could be caused by a spirit that has attached itself to the child.

Or that even a child who only on occasions, has bouts of “bad” behavior. I say occasions, because sometimes if there is a spirit attached to a child, that child’s behavior doesn’t completely change, but only changes once in awhile.

Another reason for these “outbursts” (occasional behavior changes) could be that the child has some sort of ‘gift’, whether it be; psychic, empathic, healing, etc., and the child does not know what causes the emotions that go along with these gifts or how to handle them or control the gifts. (Please note that she is not stating that all behavior problems in every child, is caused by a spirit attachment, just that she believes some behavior problems could possibly be the result of a spirit that has attached itself to a child.)

Some tips for a parent whose child is showing occasional behavior changes, would be:

  1. Have you as the parent noticed that these behavior changes happen after the child has expressed about something new being in the house.
  2. Start writing down, when your child mentions this and their behavior changes. Keep notes on what’s new, what day, what time, the weather, the moon phase, etc.

There is even the possibility that if a paranormal investigator goes to investigations, while pregnant, that a spirit could attach itself to the unborn child, which then could result in birth defects.
(Please note that this is not the cause of all birth defects, that this is just a possible cause at some. As with anything involving the paranormal, nothing is known for 100% fact.)

PsychicPrincess reported in her article about Spirits and Attachments on,that:

Children are the most vulnerable for spirit attachments. They are more vulnerable than adults.

One obvious reason why children are more vulnerable is their energetic system does not have the stamina that an adult’s energetic system would have. The second reason would be that children are not as able to rationalize things like adults can.

Children can be easily terrified or psychologically traumatized by things such as an adult yelling them or a big, scary dog chasing them. Such events can cause a major collapse of the child’s energetic defense system, (which would only happen to an adult, after a major shock) leaving the child open to attachments, by one or more spirits.

Children have also been known to invite a spirit to attach itself to them, to keep the child company or to act as a protector. To adults, this could appear as the child playing with or talking to an imaginary friend. (Please note, that this does not mean that all children playing with or talking to an imaginary friend, has invited a spirit to attach itself to them.)

In such cases as the ‘imaginary friend’ it could be years before it is realized that there is a problem.

Please note that the opinions expressed in this article, are not being stated as 100% fact. They are simply the opinions of the people who wrote the individual articles; and I am simply passing the information on to you.

I believe that some (not all) people that have been diagnosed with certain mental disorders, like schizophrenic (in which you heard voices in your head.), may not actually have any such medical condition, but in actuality have a spirit attached to them, which is causing the child, or adult for that matter, to hear voices in their head, or for their behavior to change completely or change only occasionally.

Again, I’m not saying that every single child or adult that has been diagnosed with a mental disorder like schizophrenic, actually has a spirit attached to them instead of really having a medical condition. But I am saying, it could be possible. I mean being miss diagnosed by a doctor can (and has) happen(ed) no matter what the problem is.

And if that problem would happen to be caused by a spirit, which involves a field that we are just now really starting to explore, but yet know so little about; I’m sure if I were a doctor, who had a patient who was hearing voices in their head, who whose behavior had totally changed or changes only once in awhile…I probably would lean towards a mental disorder too.

If you believe that you, your child, or someone you know, might have a spirit attachment I would highly recommend that you contact Jenny Stewart.

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K2 Meter Facts

Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee

K2 facts - cell phones, walkie-talkies, radio signals, etc will set them off. This is why we in PIM ensure our phones are shut off during an investigation, along with only using this piece of equipment as a stand-alone technique with a camera on it in case we're not in the room.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Arch Angel Chamuel

Tara Ciampa

Chamuel is a powerful healer leader in the angelic hierarchy. Call upon Chamuel for comfort, protection, and intervention in world events. Call upon Chamuel if you need to find items, soulmate, etc. unconditional love and strengthens relationships.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Solar Flares and Lunar Cycles

This case report comes from TAPS.COM

Article by: Steve Bartnicki

What does all this M class flare, storm, lunar cycle mean anyway? I am glad you asked....

Solar flare activity, geomagnetic field activity and the lunar cycle have been thought to have a bearing on the amount of paranormal activity present. To put it simply...more "ghost activity" is reported during times of M class/X class solar flares, high geomagnetic field activity and new/full moons. The moon relates in this fashion, the closer the moon is to the Earth and the "newer" or "fuller" it is...the higher the geomagnetic fields.

So what happens is the solar flares ionize the Earth's atmosphere (electrically charges it) and increased geomagnetic fields raise the magnetic flux which causes higher electrical charges in anything, capable of carrying an electrical current, that moves through the field (Lenz's Law).

There is a problem with more sensitive EMF detection equipment during this period...they can give erroneous positive readings. Not erroneous in regards as to whether or not there is a field present...erroneous in the fact that what might be thought to be a indication of something "out-of-the-ordinary", not expected for a given area, etc... really isn't so "out-of-ordinary" given the current atmospheric conditions. In other words, we should be aware of these conditions so that the readings can be carefully reviewed and examined. I would recommend using different types of meters, Gauss and Tri-field at all times, but especially during these conditions.

With that said...if you adhere to the belief that the spirit world is made up of beings that, in addition to being energy themselves, use the normal energy sources available to them, i.e.: household appliances, batteries, wiring etc to manifest their presence. Can you imagine what they can do with all this excess energy due to atmospheric conditions? It’s like hitting the Nitrous Oxide boost on a car!

Bottom line is if you see STORM conditions and a new or full moon it could explain why your long deceased relative just showed in your living room.

I hope this helps and if I can think of a better way to explain it...I will revisit this article. Better yet, if anyone can think of a better explanation please EMAIL ME.

The Trapper in the Tree, Rhinelander

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Source: The book Northern Frights by Dennis Boyer (published 1998) pages 66-69.

The Trapper in the Tree

Introduction by Dennis Boyer

Logging ghosts are found by the hundreds throughout northern Wisconsin. Not surprising for one of the most dangerous occupations on earth. Not surprising for the enterprise that profoundly alters the landscape in a few decades and leaves a legacy of slash fires and hard-scrabble stump farming.

The human cost of felling the Northwoods pinery added a grim chapter to the annals of this forestry holocaust. Nineteenth-century accounts painted a gruesome picture: mangled bodies, crushed skulls, amputations, river jockeys swept away on logjams, and crews starving and freezing to death in isolated bunkhouses.

Wisconsin has many places where you can hear logging legends and lore. The Hayward and Antigo areas have quite a few knowledgeable woodsmen who spin yarns. But perhaps the best place to capture the old-time flavor is in Rhinelander. The Rhinelander Logging Museum acts as a magnet for those seeking to preserve the memories of the early pinery logging effort. The park like setting with its towering trees and cabin-style building sets the mood.

There, museum volunteers and an assortment of hangers-on keep alive the folk knowledge of pre-chainsaw, pre-Iog skidder, and pre-truck logging. Memories of their fathers and grandfathers keep the stories fresh in their minds. Not content with the myths of Paul Bunyan, they are almost smug in the knowledge of blood relationship to real heroes. Several visits over a ten-year period lead to a friendship with one of the museum regulars. But this acquaintance was already in its ninth year when he took me for a walk in the grove of trees where the wind in the tops hushed out the city sounds. Willard was finally ready to tell his ghost story.

The Story From Willard

The woods to the east of Rhinelander are haunted by the Trapper in the Tree. Especially out by Lake Thompson. Way out on the east end of the lake. That's where his body was found.

And what an unusual find it was too. Two men working a big crosscut saw. They were sectioning a tree that had already been dropped. They first hit empty space - a hollow section. Then they met odd resistance. Then they hit metal.

What it was, they broke through into a cavity. Then they cut through the mummified body. Then they sawed into his rifle. You'd better believe that they were quite surprised when they looked into that cavity. The man was preserved like a piece of dried fruit.

My Granddad Jacob was one of those men. And you could easily say that he was haunted for life just on the basis of that discovery. He told the story hundreds of times. But there was more to it from him than just a sliced mummy in the tree. There had been sightings of a, ghost for years before this discovery. It was said that a ghost beckoned people and motioned them to follow him. I guess he wanted his remains to be found. But who in his right mind follows a ghost? And who would think to look for a ghost in a hollow section of log twenty feet above the ground?

So how did that man come to be in that tree? Granddad knew exactly how because of the story his father told him. His father and his father's brother came in the early days. They lived on trapping until the logging jobs opened up. They ranged all the way up to the Michigan line.

In those days, not all the Indians had been pushed back into the reservations yet. There really wasn't much government up here yet to do that. Anyway, the Indians-mostly Chippewa, but some Menominee, too-still ranged through much of the forest. They trapped, too. And they really didn't like the competition.

I must be honest, too. It just wasn't the competition. The brothers here robbed some traps. So you might figure they made an enemy or two. As it turned out, the Chippewa caught up with them out near Lake Thompson. The brothers thought they'd give their pursuers the slip by splitting up. So the one brother climbed a tree to break up the trail.

On what happened next we can only speculate. The Chippewa must have gotten close and he must have discovered a hole up in the tree. So he slipped in. Then you can guess that he got stuck. The way it works in a tight vertical space is that the more you struggle, the more you sink into a tighter spot.

The other brother came back and searched. He always heard yelling on the wind in the tree tops. But he could never pin down where it was coming from. He probably thought he was already dealing with a ghost.

It's horrible to think of slow death in that tree. But it's also oddly. humorous to think that body in sap could have been the biggest bug found in amber in a couple of million years if they had not cut the tree down. Gives you all sorts of opportunity to call a fellow a knot-head and how he's stiff as a board.

The upshot was generations of hatred toward the Indians in my family. I'm ashamed to say that I've got grandchildren in grade school who hate Indians. Like all stories this one has two sides. Or at least another perspective. That would be the Indian perspective.

They knew something bad happened to one of the trappers. Old Indian men told me it was long thought that the trapper turned into an evil spirit and flew away. But when they learned of his fate when the tree was cut down there was an even heavier feeling. It seems that there is a feeling that a horrible death like that gives the victim the power to impose a powerful curse. With that is the sense that the cutting of the log and the body set loose some powerful bad medicine that festers and builds over time. It grows because nobody knows how to combat it.

This was certainly true in our family. The bad feelings just kept building until the explosion of hate on the boat landings in the 1980s. That's when the tavern fights and the scuffles at basketball games started to escalate. I really think that spirit of the trapper may have moved into my son.

You could see it in his eyes: the bile, the venom, and the irrational grudges over things that are over and done. And he infected others with it. He was worked up something fierce and convinced others it was a political or justice issue. He never had an answer for me why he didn't tackle any of the thousands of other unfair situations.

From what you've told me, some groups and places have patron ghosts the way others have patron saints. You make those things sound positive, or at least harmless. But I guess here we have a different case. There can be patron evil spirits too, can't there?

The biggest question is, how does this work? Is it just some malignant natural thing loosed on us through human bumbling? Sort of like bumping a hornet's nest? Or does the evil spirit lay in wait and lure us in? Or did people with hate in their hearts stir up spirits who would otherwise rest?

Find out these things if you can. Go down to the Mole Lake Chippewa and to the Forest County Potawatomi. I'll give you a couple of names. No one wants to see me on account of my son. Let me know if we can put the Trapper in the Tree to rest and whether that will heal my son.

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Types of hauntings

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May 13, 8:59 AM by Kathie Kessler

Studying the paranormal, one of the first things you learn (besides not to run away screaming like a little girl), are that there are several different types of hauntings.

The first and very common type is called a “Residual Haunting”. Think of this like a movie, or a tape player stuck on an endless loop, playing over and over. Sometimes the event only happens on a particular day, or at a specific time, and can be as mundane as seeing your long deceased Uncle walking to the kitchen to get his morning cup of coffee, to being as dramatic as watching a replay of a civil war battle. A residual haunting will have no interaction with living people and be seemingly unaware that you are even there.

There are several theories to how residual hauntings occur. One is that the event, either from it's constant regularity (like old Uncle Joe getting his coffee every morning), or from it's sudden, dramatic or tragic occurrence; such as a murder or suicide. It is thought that the energy from these events gets somehow trapped in the surrounding structures, be it the building or the land. One theory claims areas with high levels of limestone or quartz rock are perfect for storing these kinds of “place memories”. After all, quartz is used in transmitters for television, radio and radar.

The next type of haunting and probably more frightening for the people involved, is the “Intelligent Haunting”. In an intelligent haunt the ghost or spirit actually interacts with living people and objects. You see it and it sees you back. Your car keys may disappear and reappear in odd places. You may hear knocking sounds or voices, and your pets may react strangely for no reason.

As an investigator, intelligent hauntings are by far the ones we get the most evidence from, primarily through evps or electronic voice phenomenon. Using a digital or magnetic tape recorder, questions are asked in the hopes of hearing a response when the tape is reviewed. Often times, we don't get direct responses, but will get words and phrases during regular conversations between investigators. Many times the spirit or ghost has some unfinished business or just wants to be acknowledged. Once it gets it's message across, often the haunting will stop. But there are times, where they are just happy to be where they are and don't want to move on.

The third type of haunting is “Non Human”. This would cover an angelic visitation or a demonic haunting. Demonic hauntings have been characterized by violent activity, drastic mood changes by people in the home, scratches and foul smells to name a few. I have not experienced this type of haunting, and though I don't doubt they exist, I believe these to be the rarest of paranormal activity unless there have been satanic practices or beliefs that have allowed these entities in.

Poltergeists also fall under a “Non Human” haunting. Poltergeist is a German word which means “noisy ghost”. Poltergeist activity usually occurs around a certain individual and is characterized by movement of objects, loud noises and will happen frequently enough to interrupt ones daily life. This is also rare and is thought to be created through a living person even though they may not even be aware of it. A poltergeist is initiated by high levels of stress on a subconscious level, often explained as uncontrolled psycho kinetic activity or 'Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis' (RSPK). Some signs of Poltergeist activity are:

  • Hurling of objects, especially heavy objects
  • Stone throwing
  • Objects breaking
  • Bed shaking
  • Electrical interference

While again, this is very rare, one must rule out all other causes to any type pf haunting before jumping to the conclusion of ghosts and poltergeists. We must remember there are often logical explanations for many haunting claims, some of which are:

  • High Electronic Fields from unshielded or old wiring (see link regarding EMF)
  • Mold which can cause symptoms of illness and hallucinations
  • Narcotic Use
  • Gas Leaks
  • Mental Illness

While I am a believer, I am also an investigator and use scientific tools as well as logic and research to discount all possible natural causes before claiming activity to be supernatural.

While many people don't believe in ghosts or lingering spirits, there is proof that something exists beyond what we can see. To quote from Sherlock Holmes, “Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”.

UW La Crosse

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While in college in LaCrosse, Wisconsin (UW-L), I lived with one other person a few blocks off campus in a house that was definitely haunted (yep. definitely).

The house was really pretty strangely laid out. It was an old converted farmhouse. The kitchen was (by far) the largest room in the house. The bathroom was so small, you had to duck under the sink/over the toilet to get to the bathtub (the bathroom was obviously an afterthought: I'm sure when the house was built, a nifty little outhouse stood out back ;-). There was one bedroom downstairs, and two upstairs (upstairs was essentially one room, with a dividing wall--typical old cape cod style. The basement was creepy: a bunch of storage rooms around the outside perimeter and one huge, octopus of a furnace in the center (the furnace made quite a noise whenever it kicked in).

The place was really kind of a wreck (typical student housing). There were even a few holes in the walls (in Wintertime [pretty much half the year in Wisconsin--back then!], my roommates clothes-closet would fill w/snow!)

The strangest thing about the whole place was that in the backyard was another house! A really tiny place, almost like a playhouse. It was completely functional however, and totally separate, with it's own utility service, etc. A deaf lady lived there the entire time we did. We had virtually no interaction with her at all, and I never did see the inside of the place.

Anyway...getting on to the ghost...

Things began to happen immediately: we'd be watching TV (not remote-controlled), and just when the best part of the show would be coming on--BLINK!--the set would shut off. Or, it would turn on in the middle of the night, with the sound turned ALL the way up.

Whenever you would take a shower when you were alone in the house (since it was just my roommate and myself, this would be pretty obvious), you could hear someone RUNNING up & down the stairs (the bathroom was right at the bottom of the stairs). Thinking someone was in the house, you'd shut off the shower--no sound--shrug and start it up again ... and sure enough, the running and bumping would start up again.

A couple of times, my roommate heard someone scraping on a frying pan in the kitchen sink (a pretty recognizable sound). Thinking it was me, he'd go into the kitchen--the sound would stop, and no one would be there.

My girlfriend swore that a couple of times when she was lying on my bed, she felt someone sit down on the bed next to her--thinking it was me, she turned--to find herself all alone in the room.

Oh, and once in a wall, a knock would go along the outside wall of the house--ALL the way around.

This kind of stuff happened ALL THE TIME. It got to be a real nuisance (especially the TV going on in the dead of night). It was so common it wasn't even freaky any more. I personally never felt threatened at all--I think it bothered my roommate more, as things seemed to center more around him than me.

After we moved, a family bought the house and renovated it. That was about 15-20 years ago. Nowadays, whenever I get over to La Crosse (once in a while), I think about knocking on the door and asking the occupants if the ghost is still hanging around--'cause if it is, I'm sure it's obvious.

Maybe one day I will...